Children and hotels

Some hotels have family. That is, they have a pool, it may be, arcade, playground, things that children can enjoy. Others may not be as children, but all the hotels have other guests who are waiting for your children to behave during their stay.

If you have a child who is involved in sports such as hockey, basketball or football, you know that spend a lot of time in hotels. There are games, there are tournaments and probably the whole team (if not several commands) is located in the same hotel. This makes for many children. That's fine, because you can talk with other parents, children can communicate with their friends and teammates, but should be limited to what the children can do in the hotel and around it.

For example, no other guest did not appreciate a group of children, which runs along the corridors that prevail in the upper part of the lungs. If you do not allow your children to run around the house so, why they do it in the hotel? Another thing that affects other guests, this is something that is not supported by the quiet times. Just because you're away from home does not mean that you can act at any time of the day or night.

Staying in the hotel – it is freedom, parents can visit a restaurant or a bar, and the children go to the pool, but it is also difficult, because children should always be supervised near water, regardless of their age. Even if the parents take turns doing the services in the pool, it's better than no supervision at all. Ideally, children should behave properly in the pool area, which means: no running, no diving to the shallow water and compliance with the rules of the pool. The same applies to gym or fitness center, if the hotel has. This is for all the guests, and if your child has a legitimate reason to be there, in charge of that is great, but to have a bunch of kids who hang out in the gym, irritating other guests, it is not. "

Most of the children and the hotel – it's a great mix, and seven & # 39; and comply with the rules, the children are polite and calm and all is well, when they allow you to work in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAIOC to have problems. No one wants to be kicked out of the hotel, so remember to fun for all.