Stockholm, "Nordens Venedig"

Stockholm, also known as "Nordens Venedig", which means North Venice, & # 39 is the capital and largest city of Sweden. Stockholm is located in the eastern part of the country on the Baltic Sea.

In 1634, Stockholm was officially recognized as the capital of Sweden. Sweden – the world famous Nobel Prize, and in Stockholm – Nobel Institute.

Stockholm – economic, transport, administrative and cultural center of Sweden. It is home to the textile, clothing, paper, chemicals, communications equipment, automobiles, rubber, processed food, printed materials, porcelain, alcohol and ship industry. The city also has a large and important port. This is the main residence of the Swedish Stock Exchange.

Stockholm has received nicknames such as "Eken – Oak", "Tokhult – Fat City" and "Foltrartsk – Sisivil".

The main attractions of Stockholm with a & # 39 are Drotninggolmski Palace Gröna Lund amusement park, the Riksdag parliament, Stockholm City Hall, Vasa Museum with the vehicle VAZ, seat of the government of Sweden, Syargelya area of ​​bargaining, plein air. Skansen Museum, Royal Palace, Stockholm Globe Arena, Gamla Stan – the old section of the city, the 155-meter tower Kaknästornet, with a magnificent view, etc.

Stockholm – a great place for tourists. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hotels in Stockholm are known for their comfort and luxury.

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