Collection and Museum of private classic car Don Laughlin

Don Laughlin, who & # 39; is the owner of hotels and casinos Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino Don Laughlin & # 39; s in Laughlin, North Carolina, is engaged in the car for 78 years. Don Laughlin and his four friends have these 85 vehicles at the show. He also has several car collectors who also show their vehicles, and they can sell them at the exhibition.

One of the biggest things that Don Laughlin also engaged in detailed business and in detail will recognize their own cars, which compete with the collection of kids Harrah in Reno. Collection of Mr. Laughlin – is only 12 machines, which embarrassed zhaynavay collection Jay Leno in Southern California, which can also be viewed. In these older cars a lot of different jobs over the paint, and many in fact the original; Also in his collection, there are two Deloreans, who painted stainless stainless steel.

Don Laughlin was unavailable to meet with us during our visit, but the casino and collection staff treated us well and allowed to ask questions about the collection and future purchases of this article. The collection can be viewed for free, young children need to be accompanied by an adult. Casino Riverside – is the oldest casino in Laughlin and undergoes an extensive renovation to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the street in the RV park and the new five-story parking structure.
Laughlin Classic Cars – it is a separate company that is also a & # 39 is a registered company licensed dealer-collector in Nevada.

We loved our trip to Laughlin, Nevada, and, while there, you can spend the day along the river and enjoy the numerous casinos there. Across the river on the Arizona side there is also a rental of water water water, ice and a place to camp. Of course, while the kids have fun, I recommend the car museum.