The best things in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas and Vegas, as it is called – is a world-famous resort town, famous 24 hours of frenzied lifestyle, entertainment and nightlife. The city serves as the leading financial, commercial and cultural center of Nevada. If you are visiting Las Vegas, here's the top 10 things you need to do.

  1. A wine cellar and tasting

It is in any case a place of worship, to start vacation in Vegas. Although it may be less glamorous than other places on our list, it is certainly an elegant place to visit. There are more than 10,000 bottles of the most varied grape juice that just enough to get by for wine novices and for enafilav.

  1. strip

It is 5-6 kilometers away, where hotel, concert halls, restaurants and shops – is the center of some gambling shine in Las Vegas. You can have a great time along the strip skakayuchy one place to another attraction.

  1. MGM Grand Casino

Enjoy the sights, sounds and thrills of an international entertainment center. It is the largest single hotel in the US. It has more than 6,000 rooms, outdoor pool, garden area, spa, nightclubs, shops and waterfall 6.6 acres. You should visit this great casino.

  1. stratosphere tower

Care free fall? Then you should visit the stratosphere. It is the tallest building in the state of Nevada, and it makes it possible to jump to the sky 829 feet. But even if you're also afraid of heights, you can still enjoy the thrill of watching others try this very exciting jump.

  1. neon Museum

From it is constantly evolving nature in Las Vegas, a little time is saved. In this bright heaven it was organized by the old neon signs of rapid city. You can be sure that a wonderful time hang on the burning museum, which tells about the history of the famous Las Vegas.

  1. Bellagio hotel

Bellagio Hotel, located in the Italian theme, & # 39 is extremely spectacle. Happens, the Bellagio fountains are fascinating house. There is also a wonderful Cirque du Soleil and the 14 elegant restaurants. This place guards recreation.

  1. Bellagio fountains

This is one of the best sights in Las Vegas. This water show against the backdrop of the magnificent Bellagio hotel. You can watch this precious show for 30 minutes during the day and 15 minutes between 8 pm and north.

  1. Hoover dam

If you like the structural masterpieces, then you should visit the Hoover Dam. This is more than 80 years and the highest concrete dam in the United States and has a number of economic advantages, in addition to the historical significance, for which it has attracted more than seven million visitors annually.

  1. National monument "Red Cliff"

Zone "Red Cliff" – one of the wonders of destructive land in Las Vegas. This is a great place for hiking, sightseeing and even geological interest, if you are a lover of the earth sciences.

  1. Canyon Flightlinez Bootleg

Want to experience the view from the bird's eye view on the wonders of geology of the Earth, and then take a flight to the canyon Flightlinez Bootleg. You can not get a better look this spectacular desert landscape.

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