Unique wedding venues in Nevada

A large number of the bride and groom are looking for unusual places to get married in order to improve their memories of special occasions. Northern Nevada offers a variety of places that are not from the & # 39 are common, but three in particular stand out noticeably in comparison. Hotel Gold Hill, Saint Mary in the mountains and the House of orchard produce a visible novel, each of which has its own fascinating historical origins, giving couples an incomparable impression in a very special day in their lives.

Hotel Gold Hill

This ancient hotel dates back to the days of boom in Virginia City, which began the silver punch-Kamstod Lode 1859. Gold Hill was among a large discovery of gold and the hotel was very important during the busy mining days, especially at the height of the Great Strike of bonanza in the 1870s, which was the peak of silver mining, which is commonly referred to as the Mother Lode.

Gold Hill hotel is located near State Route 342, south of the city of Virginia, with views of the Gold Canyon. Construction of the hotel was about 1859, and although some of the buildings destroyed in the past few years, these areas have been completely restored.

One of several different wedding venues in the hotel & # 39 is a large room. The large room is very attractive and consists of furniture, typical of the Victorian era, the outstanding wood flooring, attractive fireplace and the aging of the winding stairway that allows you to make a grand entrance for the bride. After the ceremony Large room goes into the reception toasting and dancing.

There is also available the second version place outdoors wedding. Garden furniture, which is located next to the brewery is located a few minutes from the hotel. This is an attractive environment, consisting of beautifully landscaped property with scenic views of the mountain range Sierra Nevada. Location arbors serves as the official venue and the reception area and can take considerable party.

St. Mary in the mountains

Along the slopes of Mount Davidson, the legendary ghost town of Virginia City is the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada and one of the most beautiful buildings, which can be arranged at the wedding. The church was built in 1876 on the ruins of the old church structure that was destroyed "big fire" in 1875.

This magnificent cathedral is really great with its 140-foot spire, inter & # 39; EPAM in the Gothic style, as evidenced by the pointed arch windows and doors, choir and horizons, big beautiful altar and a church bell in 2264 pounds. Bell was part of the former church, but survived the catastrophic fire of Virginia City and rang for the first time in 1870, when the original building was opened for service.

Although it more than a hundred years, this obscure church still emits great beauty. With an extremely elegance and located in the city, which covers an unusually dressing story "Old West", St. John, "Mary in the mountains" offers an attractive mood for a wonderful wedding experience sanctified.

fruity house

Located at the base of Serasa in Genoa, garden-house, bed and breakfast, located in the heart of the oldest village of Nevada. Genoa – quaint and sparsely populated town, whose origin dates back to 1855 during the "Territorial" Nevada. Initially, the area was simply to go through the research, but when trading post, he soon became a permanent settlement was established in 1851.

Garden House devotes several acres of garden and lawn for ceremonies and receptions. Fruit trees that line the century, along with an attractive outdoor garden and beautiful landscaping. Due to the wide spaces of this area, which is mainly devoted to weddings, it not only allows large parties up to 400 guests, but also for the transport of horses and, if they wish the bride and groom. to make a solemn entry.

Opening of wedding and wedding adventure involves a lot of steam and they are often looking for brides and grooms who want to marry more unconventional way. Also equally contribute to the wedding of an unusual nature or those that have a mad historical background. Because Nevada has a history rich in tradition "Old West" and contains many intriguing western settlements established in 1800, has many desirable places to select couples who seek an emergency. Hotel Gold Hill, Orchard House, and St. George's Mary in the mountains – just some of what can offer Nevada, but certainly three sites that will meet every expectation, when they want to experience the unique atmosphere and the wedding day.