Excursions in Nevada and Camping Park in the Valley of Fire

State of Nevada's oldest park is located about an hour north of Las Vegas on I-15. If you feel like to move away from bliskuchastsi and hum of the city, Valley of Fire – a place that is so quiet that you can actually hear the flies fly!

Valley of Fire State Park is bordered with a seating area at Lake Mead. The name of the park has received from the formation of red sandstone, which were the result of the displacement of sand dunes in the time of dinosaurs.

The road through the park is right across the sand formations, so that you can pass the entire park and enjoy the sights. Or, if you want to stay at one of the many interesting points, and there are enough parking places to get out and stretch the legs. I could not help myself; I had to waggle the toes on the red sand. The texture was like powdered sugar, and the color – the most brilliant rust-red.

Rock climbing is allowed in designated areas. The formation of sandstone & # 39 is a state for climbing. The surface texture similar to fine sandpaper, allowing excellent pull. We visited the park with Bailey, our little Jack Russell ter & # 39; EPAM. It is bounded up and down like a little mountain goat.

To the park entrance price of $ 6.00 per vehicle. For this small fee, you have access to the entire park and its thoughtful about the & # 39 objects. The road through the park – it's a pleasant management, as laid and well-maintained. There are several places for a picnic with the covered picnic tables that allow a break from the sun. Civil toilets are also available. In areas attractions available parking lot.

there are excellent camping in the park. These campsites are literally among the rock formations create a most unique experience. All sites are shown shaded tables, barbecues, water and toilets. There are zones in which are small units, such as vans, trucks and kempernyya. For recreation and leisure, you can leave room for camping footpath and go further in netrady to find your ideal place for camping. These smaller sites are $ 14 per night. big rigs at $ 24 per night were recently added to the park. Big rigs are extremely spacious, with plenty of walk-through areas and complete a & # 39; lift. Types of urban settlements spectacular.

Something about the silence and solitude in the park quickly melts from the passionate soul. We were enjoying the quiet of the day. Park receives many visitors, but we never were any more traffic, no crowds.

Despite the fact that you are in the middle of the desert, you can find a reminder of the fact that Las Vegas is still far off. We stopped at a remote point in the foreseeable and fun to see that among the cacti, red sand and flies should zhuzhachyh black elastic limousine. With limo popped two observers, each with a glass of champagne. Only in Vegas!