Internet distribution of hotel – TRS

TRS | Online Hotel Distribution offers you the most effective and cheapest way to increase your visibility and reservations! Explore the potential of the Global Distribution System, which annually produces 100 million room / day. Take advantage of the increase in the number of clients on the Internet, connecting the hotel to the OTA and […]

Abigail & # 39; s: There are no ghosts!

Many old restaurants and residential buildings in Victoria, and even the Royal Victoria golf courses, they are joined by stories of ghosts. Guests of Abigail often asked to ghost stories, and incredibly suited staff would like to tell them one. Unfortunately, the ghosts did not exist. Abigail Hotel is situated on the outskirts of Victoria, […]

Three of the best hotel in London for a business trip

London – a popular city for business travelers, where there are several major airports, are within easy reach of the city, including Heathrow and Gatwick. Taxi and shuttle service to any of these airports provide easy and very convenient way to get into town. If you again entertained clients in London and need a beautiful, […]

Guide to Japan

Many foreign tourists can often travel around Japan, because only a few people in Japan can speak in English. However, Japan – a beautiful country, and the Japanese – wonderful people. Before you buy a ticket in Japan, you should know that Japan – an expensive place to travel. The cost of living is very […]

History of Mammoth Lakes

History of Mammoth Lakes began 200,000 years ago, before people populated the area. In the area of ​​Mammoth Lakes was a lot of volcanic explosions. The last eruption occurred 50 thousand years ago. Azer Mammoth did not at first was inhabited by white people. It was the first Native American tribes – tribes Paiute, Shoshone […]

The discovery of the capital of second chances

"Sin City," "City of Lights", "Gambling Capital of the World", "Entertainment Capital of the World," "Married Capital of the World," "Silver City" and "capital of second chances" – some of the most popular nicknames given by the most populous cities Nevada, Las Vegas. This internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gaming, nightlife, shopping, […]