Bali: Beaches, Spas, nocturnal and Shahrukh Khan

For me, coming to Bali was a fad travelers. Nothing can beat the fatigue of travel better than the friendly, smiling Balinese faces at the Customs and Immigration at the airport in Denpasar and "visa on arrival" is stamped in my passport $ 10 in 15 minutes flat!

I had heard that Bali – an island of temples, dances and ancestral rites; more than 95 percent of the 3 million people practice a form of Hinduism. But nothing prepared me for the concert recital "Gayatri Mantra" my taxi driver, followed by the song "Kuch Kuch Hohhot Hai" in the same breath. I was struck by the Bollywood craze in this Far East city, so I was a taxi driver and the locals that I met, immediately called "the country of Shah Rukh Khan."

Arriving at the airport, most tourists are sent directly to the beach of Kuta area, Sanur, Zhymbarana or Nusa Dua. I chose the corner simply because he, perhaps, with the & # 39 is the center of nightlife along with many shops, boutiques and galleries, what else could I ask for!

Bali offers most of the hotels to suit every budget, from simple and affordable accommodation for visitors to a five star hotel with indulgent spas for those seeking pure luxury. I stopped at the Hard Rock, a few steps from Kuta Beach.

At sunset, Kuta beach comes alive and people want to enjoy the stunning panorama. Saturated with tourists, locals sell colorful sarong and batik and Balinese dance performance somewhere on the endless beach area … and if you want to dance in irregular hours, you will not be disappointed – the publication in the corner of the country, with a wide selection of pubs and discos, offering a living nightlife.

The best way to enjoy Kuta – it is simply to ask the locals who are very friendly always willing to help you. I was lucky that Indonesia had a very successful Indian friend – Kishore-Pryzhani, who along with his wife Radha took me to a night tour of all the chic places angles. The one that left me in a long time the impression was "Ku de" quaint restaurant overlooking the beach. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the night and would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

However, if for rest and relaxation, you go to the southern peninsula, a world-class luxury hotel, situated on the quiet beaches of Sanur and Nusa Dua, as well as in the Gulf of Zhymbaran. (Which is also very popular for a very reasonable sea food) These white sandy beaches dotted with thousands of mangrove and coconut trees and leaned against a coral reef, creating a perfect haven for the young and those who prefer solitude.

To take a break from the noisy hustle and bustle of Kuta, I went to Ubud, which, it must be said, has retained a sense of cozy rustic retreat, despite the growth of the tourism industry. Ubud – the capital of the arts and crafts of Bali, so besides the streets, put up stores and shops specializing in traditional crafts, there are a number of different art galleries and museums.

The next day I went on a cruise on the harbor Benno, who took me to the island of Lembongan, a popular spot for surfers and divers. (Approximately 60 US dollars for a day cruise including lunch, I think it's worth a visit). Arriving on the white sandy beaches of the Bay of Lembongan, you can take a tour of the diving and a cruise on a glass bottom boat or simply stroll among the native Balinese villages

If you want a break from the beach scenario, I suggest a trip to the cool mountains of Kintamani with its green rice fields, elegant Lake Batur, which rests in a huge crater and the impressive volcano Mount Batur, which dominates the landscape. Evenings tend to be colder, so wear a warm sweater or shawl, and make sure you have a camera to capture the breathtaking views of Mount Batur.

Bali – one of the spa capital of the world, where you can get yourself a spa treatment at very reasonable prices. If you want to spoil yourself, then you can try out complex massage menu with glitter, peeling with rice paste, bath with the aroma of flowers and petals for indulgent creams. I would advise you to check every day, some local resorts, which operate spa therapy. And do not forget about traditional drinks from herbs and roots – "Jammu", local Balinese remedy for fatigue, headaches, aching bones and chills.

For adventure and sport, Bali offers a variety of water sports, which pumped the adrenaline, and below and above the water. Surfing, scuba diving, banana boat, scuba diving, paraglider, water-skiing, bungee jumping, Bali offers it all.

Try rafting on the river Ayun among wild rainforest. Drive along the river galloping Laayoune, where it produces a path with many curves and hairpins swirling rapids. full-day program would cost you only about $ 35 and I thought that this experience is thoroughly stimulating.

For those who love the underwater world and always wanted to dive, there are spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving with pristine coral reefs around the island, with the most amazing and colorful underwater life. There are even courses for amateurs qualified professional instructors (you can take a course of the day less than $ 100)

And while you are at the beach, taking advantage of the water sports, enjoy the locals that make you try braiding the hair, to tattoo or even weaken the massage.

If you are traveling with your children, always took them to the "Waterboom" park. My children enjoyed a day of water slides and pools of all sizes with restaurants and eateries on the basis of well-being … a good family fun for kids of all ages!

If you feel that you go out for a meal, there are many open-side cafes open tank, which serves genuine Balinese food, as well as many luxury international cuisine. But for those who are bored of Indian food, I suggest to try the delicious food in the Queen Tandoor in Seminyak, where the owners of Pune and Malhotra Neeta out on the road to pamper you with personal attention.

Another great pastime here – shopping!

For those who do not want to wander too far from the beach, Sanur, Kuta and Ubud have more than enough to calm any customer from a sarong and sandals to wooden statues, stone carvings and iron and bronze. But if you are passionate about shopping, you can buy branded stuff in shopping centers such as Mahatary or also look for factory sales of branded clothing.

You'll find the ability to view open-air market in the south of Bali, where the traditional shopping in the Asian style still thrives. Check local painting style. I suggest that you always go to less than a third the cost of and even to move, until you get the right price. .

And before a & # 39; drive from Bali, do not forget to buy them a cold sauce called Sambal (its this kind, and you can even take it to the duty-free treatment in the Bali airport.)

From locals who tryznuli over Rukhanam Shah, a picturesque Balinese-Hindu culture, this tropical paradise attracts Indians not only for its natural delicacy, but even more important the culture and the warmth of the Balinese people.

If Bali becoming more accessible and affordable to low-cost expansion packages from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and great deals from airlines Garuda Indonesia, which are daily flights connecting the island for only $ 160 per ticket there and back, I would strongly recommend this the island on vacation. as your next travel itinerary!

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