Internet distribution of hotel – TRS

TRS | Online Hotel Distribution offers you the most effective and cheapest way to increase your visibility and reservations! Explore the potential of the Global Distribution System, which annually produces 100 million room / day. Take advantage of the increase in the number of clients on the Internet, connecting the hotel to the OTA and the diffusion of the Internet system, which includes today the major online travel agencies and web portals.

global distribution The system (GDS) andInternet distribution systems (IDS) connection

TRS connects you to the 4 greatest GDS world – Saber, Galileo, Amadeus and the World spar. With the Amadeus & # 39; 67 & # 39; 000, the Galileo & # 39; s 43 & # 39; 000, Sabre & # 39; s 50 & # 39; 000 and Worldspan & # 39; s 16 & # 39; 000 travel agencies, your hotel immediately begin book from around the world.

TRS sells rooms in 650 000 travel agents and at 100+ online portals for travel. With a wider exposure to your hotel information and increased visibility you start to sell more rooms without doing anything extra!

  • The distribution of many internet portals for travel, including,,, and more. Click here for a full list.
  • Double the income and corporate kansortsyumnymi agreements.

Continuous, two-way connection

TRS provides a continuous two-way connection to the next generation GDS and IDS:

  1. Continuous communication between our Central Reservation System and GDS falls 7/24 update your hotel information.
  2. Date information increases your hotel's credibility among travel agencies.
  3. Manage inventory and rates in real time easily with a control panel and update the information instantly.

favorable price

TRS – an inexpensive way to distribution and marketing of your rooms.

  1. No entrance fees! No payment for the installation! No annual payments for services!
  2. Pricing on the basis of Commission
  3. List your hotel room at the top of search with the "Preferred Placement" – the latest and certified marketing tool!