How much is a trip around the world for 6 months?

During the entire 6 months I have been working around the clock to 50-60 hours a week at two different jobs. First, I worked long hours as a "chicken" by asking people to pointless questions about your weekend, while I pack them separately from cleaning vegetables or corrected them "unexpected item in the packing area" on the self-service machines. My second job was found in Gamtry in the call center, where I spent the whole day on the phone to parents urging them to order a consultation so that our sellers can give children a "free estimate" and, basically, to sell them software for online tutors .

Yes, yes, it was not very glamorous, but I did what I had to do to save enough money.

I'm going to break it up into different categories, which I spent my money. In the six months I spent most of the time in Europe, but also visited the UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Before leaving, I booked 4 different tours. Excursions better if you do not want to organize their own personal and still spend time with no worries. I traveled with both Kontsiki and with Topdekam and definitely prefer Kantyki. The company looked much more professional, although I still had the most amazing time, both on my tours of Topdeck.

European contrasts Contiki: 4341 dollar for a 29-day budget tour of Europe. This is the first that I booked, so got a discount for early payment.

The next three I booked through a travel agent and again received a discount when booking multiple trips

Kontyki Turkish 7 days Vetraz near the Turkish coast

Topdeck Turkey Investigated: 12 days studying the different cities of Turkey, staying in hotels.

Topdeck Egypt Express: 8-day budget tour

These three cost: 2576 dollars

I also booked accommodation for Oktoberfest through a company called PPTravel, because they quickly discharged! It cost $ 280 for 3 nights in a dorm at the vacation spot. This is a much cheaper alternative to boarding schools in this period, as well as a little nicer than camping in tents.

GENERAL tour TOUR: 7017 dollars that were paid before I went


My return flights to London with a 3-day stopover in Dubai and a two-week stop arriving home in Bali cost 2232 dollars at the Royal Brunei. My advice is, if possible, go to the exhibition, which takes place in February each year. I got the best, you can compare all the travel agents and companies in one place.

Domestic flights / bus / ferry / train etc.:

Most of the main transport was zabranavana on the go with the help of applications such as "Sky Scanner", a company dealing with online booking. All ferries in Greece have been booked in the ports, and most trains and buses were booked at the station. To save money, book a night bus, ferry or train. Usually it is the cheapest time to travel, and although it's not the most comfortable sleep, it allows you to save money on accommodation.

Internal transport = 2551 USD


Places where I stayed, varied depending on the country in which I was. For example, in the UK, living is so expensive that the hostel (20-28 beds) were a way to go for the cheapest (not the largest) night's sleep. Get ready to have awoke debashyrskaya England national football team at 8 am! In Greece, it was usually a nice bed, breakfasts or guest houses, except for iOS party iOS, where the three of us fit in a little "shack", as we called it. Euro 5 ($ 8) per night, what do you expect!

In Egypt, as it is very cheap, I and two members stayed in the most luxurious five-star hotel. This is perhaps the most good housing, with which we are faced.

AirBnb – it is also a great alternative and a way to meet the nicest people and get a real taste of life in this country.

I was also lucky enough to have relatives and friends in Greece, in England, so the presence of such bonds to free living – a huge benefit when traveling abroad.

The total price (excluding tours) = one thousand nine hundred seventy-three $


And here come the most important in the cost of food and alcohol. So easy to spend too much money on these two factors, especially if you n & # 39; yanyya or hanged. Try to limit how much you spend each day and choose 2 meals instead of 3. Most hostels do free breakfast, so use them as much as possible, if you can. Furthermore, in Greece for 2 months can live each day for 3 gyros, believe me.

Shopping, souvenirs, public transport, tea are also included in this category. If you know you want to buy a lot, bring more money or use your credit card as I do. At the end of the trip, I put the extra $ 2,300 on your credit card, which was mainly in gifts, lingerie Victoria & # 39; s Secret, and you guessed it … more food and alcohol.

Total: 12900

Total expenditure: $ 24,900

Now it may scare you to death with the desire to travel now, but do not let it! If you do not think you can save money, go for a short time. 3 months or 2 months in Europe is still a lot of time. Also, limit the places where you go. I have visited 21 countries and 5 continents, so the larger towns and cities you visit, the more it will cost you.

If you want to go for a long period of time, give yourself more time to save enough money to be strict in how you spend your money at home. Instead of spending $ 50 on a dress that you will wear once, you can go white water rafting in Austria or drink many liters of beer at the "Oktoberfest".

As I see it, it really is once in a lifetime, so you can spend it and make the most of it. You want to do, see and experience all that you can, and really go back without regret!