Beware, dear solo travelers

There gazilonnyya travel companies are now floating on the World Wide Web. Most travelers want to avoid as much as possible low price and go directly to "", before they even narrow your dreamy place to do! This can lead to disaster, or at least waste of time and money on a place that will spoil you. For example, a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You do not understand, but you local tour operators Google. More than 1200 of & # 39 are. You choose "As for budget travel", as they are inexpensive, and you send them a deposit PayPal. Five months later, no one will pick you up at the airport upon arrival. Kathmandu outside attacks your feelings, but you manage to welcome a taxi to the 2-star hotel, which is bordered by a youth hostel. No breakfast, bad bed. Your guides are good with thick accents. You get daily tours South instead of full days, as promised in the vans without AC. At every known site, the manual says: "Who needs money for entrance fees." And the story goes on and on for 8 long days of frustration when you see how other groups of tourists gladly come out of the luxury automobile coaches and sent to the front line for the best positions.

A gentle reminder dear lover of travel – First of all make research data about the tour operators! Select one of the proven reliability and experience. How? Carefully read their company profile. This is the company that manages the owner or it is presented through a travel agent, who does not want the costs and responsibility to be in charge? This cheesy site template blocks to cut and paste into the contact details, like something designed by a teenager? Be especially careful when, instead of real people who have actually traveled with the company, were inserted pictures.

Ask how long the tour operator has been in business. Year or less, I run. Or they are licensed and fully abligavany? Do they have the IATA license and other credentials? Any reports to the Bureau on improving the business – it's a big red flag. Find reviews on Google. If the case of an emergency, whether the company has insurance to protect you? Understand that countless tour operators go out of business each year. What is your protection, if you paid for the trip in full & # 39; volume and closed the shop for a week prior to departure?

Consider a company that has successfully sent the group around the world for a long time. Look for repeated travelers. Check out their website to experience the passion and integrity arising from their information. See what they're using Non-Stock Photos, depicting real people in their journeys. Take a look at the hundreds of happy reviews, every honest and reliable. Invest time in research on who you book. Find a company that will provide what we promise. In the end, it's your investment in an exciting adventure, to ensure you have eternal memories.