Inspection destination – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, which is often referred to as Europe, South America, with a & # 39 is one of those countries, which attracts you and makes you feel at home among its friendly people, beautiful scenery and relaxing lifestyle.

The country, which I could easily call home, Argentina has captured my heart upon arrival at the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, and anyone who enjoys fine food, excellent wine, music, dancing and socializing, appreciate what it has to offer this grand city.

Buenos Aires combines a hodgepodge of old buildings in colonial style with modern condominiums, and since each baryo city offers something a little bit different, it caters to all tastes. Fine dining in the Puerto Madero, a local football match on the site at the stadium of Boca, watching dance is dance sidewalks in El Caminito, and the search for antiques in San Telmo – just some things that you can fill a day.

Argentina is easily accessible from major airports in Europe and the US, and if you start a trip to Buenos Aires, you can perfectly place the rest of the country. Bus system convenient, reliable and affordable, and you can reach almost any other city in the country with this vibrant center.

20 years ago, Argentina was an expensive place to visit, but with the present rate of international currencies, such as euros, pounds and dollars goes a long way. Meals cheap, beer and wine a lot, and since the hotel is generally cheaper than at home, you can stay longer and see more countries.

As "Peronist" My highlight of Buenos Aires should be the Goat Seedlings. Beautiful building in the city center, you will almost be able to taste the history that surrounds this pink structure, and I guarantee you, if you see it, "if you do not see," sing "do not weep for me Argentina" (thanks to the Madonna for this)!

Food in BS AS is as varied as the people who live there. Breakfast usually consists of hot coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and a basket svezhespechennyh medalunas, sweet pastries in the shape of a croissant. Lunch, at least, as a rule for us is made up of stone baked pizza with fresh mozzarella and pasta, and for dinner it should be Parrylada!

Enough for me to walk on this wonderful city, and if you come the time to learn a few words of Spanish before you arrive, you will have many opportunities to communicate with the locals, and perhaps make new friends Porteno in this cosmopolitan metropolis. Buenos Aires – I Encanto!