Where to go on a beach holiday

Being an island nation, you might expect that Australia will be the fabulous beaches, and it did not disappoint. People enjoy swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing and a variety of water sports on the coast of Australia. Many of seven & # 39; and spend your summer vacation on the beach, often returning to the same place year after year. Regardless of the fact that people stay in luxury hotels or camps on the beach, beach vacation – this is the Australian way of life.

rope beach

In the extreme north-west of Australia, Cable Beach is located in Broome, Western Australia. With perfect white sand it stretches for twenty-two kilometers along the Indian Ocean region. Beautiful remote location, Broome – a popular tourist destination. In Pearl Harbor fishing is much to do, including horseback riding along the beach, a visit to visit or purchase. Watching a movie in a theater figure Sun, the oldest theater in the fresh air. Stay at the luxurious Cable Beach Resort resort or choose a more budget accommodation.

Bell Beach

In Torquay in Victoria is home Bells Beach, the best beach for surfing in Australia. Every Easter it becomes the center of attention during the Easter classics, surf carnival in the championship. Large Ocean Road begins here in Torquay and is on an impressive coastline up to Portland, near the border of Victoria and South Australia. Torquay itself – surfing capital of Australia, with a museum and a hall of fame dedicated to the sport. Camping is popular recreation, there is also the motels, hotels and apartments, which are serviced.

Beach is four miles away

In northern North Queensland to Port Douglas and Four Mile beach is gorgeous. Once a thriving port for gold, it is a popular place for tourists. Port Douglas – this is a good central point Daintry rainforest, as well as a great big bar & # 39; erny reef near the coast. The city has excellent shopping and world-class restaurants and a fantastic choice of accommodation. The beach is ideal for swimming, and some hotels are returning to the beach.

Byron Bay

Baron Bay is located on the north coast of New South Wales and a & # 39 is a classic holiday destination in Australia. Again, for those who want an alternative way of life, it is now a popular tourist destination, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. This is a great place for seven & # 39; ads, and the younger set, and there are a lot of things to do. Swimming, surfing, walking in the rain forest and visit the most easterly point of Australia should be on your list. There are excellent restaurants, markets, shops, and to really relax, not enough day spas and massage therapists.

Fraser island

The island is located near the Queensland coast and is located on the largest sand island in the world. Take a trip to the island by ferry, but once there, you can get around only four-wheel drive or on foot. Fraser Island – a beautiful outdoor recreation, with sand dunes, freshwater backwaters, lakes, colored cliffs and incredible white sandy beaches. Staying in a house Var & # 39; iruetstsa from five star resorts to camping in a tent.