Luxury travel as something & # 39; I

Stay some & # 39; and not mean luxury travel, elegant hotels and accommodation in the aircraft should be put to one side. Despite the fact that some of the most popular hotels in the world butsikavyh give pleasure couples than children in the city and the country has a lot of family emergency areas, which will make your vacation amazing! After all, who deserves a little luxury more than a father, who emphasized the stress?

First of all, luxury hotels have an excellent reputation for personal service – and this may translate and family about the & # 39; sites. Many top hotels have a concierge who can arrange the order of the child or babysitter, while the adults loved dinner at the Michelin star, or an additional bed or cot to be added to the room to turn it into a family suite.

In addition, the available leisure and entertainment can be ideal for children. Teenager who does not love to splash in the infinity pool or a swim in the hot tub on the balcony? Tennis courts, golf courses and beaches will also gladly entertain them.

Top destinations for luxury travel with children

1. While long flights can be a challenge with very young children, luxury hotels in the Caribbean topped the list, since many offer private villa instead of the room. These types of conditions are ideal for all hotels with five-star hotel (and none of the disadvantages of apartments for their own food for the family & # 39; s), as well as the privacy and space that you find at home. Travelers with children. Get ready for the resorts with private pools and areas for barbecue (which should also come with a free chef of the hotel), to keep your things & # 39; nd in the great splendid isolation.

2. Europe can become a terrible prospect of the family & # 39; and (three years, wants to spend the afternoon in an art gallery?), But it is also a good place to find old-fashioned hotels belong to each guest as royalty – even those small monsters. Avoid stuffy, minimalist places and full of urban hotels with a long reputation as a self-contained resorts on the coast. Small, comfortable and colorful for the entire family & # 39; and Santoryni and Malta – the best place to consider.

3. While you better avoid trendy metropolitans in Canada and the US retreat in rural areas may become an excellent alternative – and they do not mean that skimp on luxury. Children are loved by the great outdoors, where the parents spoil themselves in the spa, or perhaps try a wine tasting in the Napa Valley. Nor do I think about summer vacation – snowy winter vacation filled with sledding and snow baomi (and cognac by the fire) will definitely offer fun for family style.