Cambodia Buses – New Asian Scenic Attraction?


When the first of the Bohemians began to rediscover the Kingdom of Cambodia after the Vietnam war, using the term roads was an easy way to say the advanced parts of the endless swamp; aksel adhesion, oil pan crushing marsh, it

The road between Sre Amble and the Thai border in Had Lek, which will soon be declared an important natural attraction in construction, is as you will travel in one of the world’s largest remaining, only slightly looted primitive forest forests. This enormous road covers million acres of space, containing several different waters. You will be enchanted by the intense waves of foliage faded from black and silver green, ultimately to the grays that merge with a small number of clouds, if there is a sign of any man.

It is clear that 4 of the 4 major bridges, which were unforgettable river crossings in the past today, are promised to be online by the Khmer New Year. The adventure of these river crossings will be missed, but it will also be possible to do it in just a little over 12 hours from Phnom Penh to Bangkok; The best thing you can do today is around 16 hours.

Considering the distance traveled, bus travel is still the cheapest way to go to Bangkok, for example we expect to pay any fee from Phnom Penh to Bangkok from $ 25 to $ 30 compared to Bangkok $ 25 +. or Bangkok Air.

Enjoying the scenery has always been one of the real travel treasures in Cambodia, looting along the sparkling ponds with sugar palm sentinels, which allows you to take mental pictures for permanent memories of this exotic land.