Wow! Büyük Ada Scuba Diving; Honounou Hawaii’s Kona Coast


Wow! Kona, which is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving to the Big Island of Hawaii, took the golden beach to the nickname as you would look at the water and it would be shining gold with big yellow tang schools even today, you can see big schools of these fish even today. Hawaii is unique in that 25% of the fish found here are only here. It is not uncommon to count more than 150 different fish varieties in Honounou. Turtles, dolphins and manta rays are routinely detected by Big Island Hawaii scuba divers and snorkels in Honounou.

Boat Diving is a norm in Hawaii, but the famous 2-step exception in Honounou or Sanctuary City, which has more than 150 different fish species. It is not uncommon to see turtles while eating herbs and algae that grow along the coast. Picasso trigger fish One of the most colorful reef fish, also known as lagoon trigger fish, is located on the left side, if you look deep into the water about 15 feet, even snorklers can see them. When they age, you can find rock-like frogfish and stone fish that look like stones, hence the name, but you need to be careful, as stone fish have poisonous spines.

Another thing you might not want to play would be eel, where they are not aggressive, but their favorite food is octopus and they have bad eyesight, so your hand will look quite appetizing to them. There are many different types here, from dwarf eels to giant morays, yellow and white mouths, and green head morale. Another great finding here is that it is very difficult to detect leaf scorpions that look like leaves but have the same eye as stone fish. A Space Odyssey, which I thought would look exactly like when you looked at a monolith called TMA in 2001, would have meant “Wow its full of fish” instead if Dave looked out of the difference!