Fighter Planes in Mississippi


Whether BB gun or pellet rifle, the air gun is the basic building block of marksmanship training for hunters of all ages. Not only that, there are valuable opportunities for hunters to take their air guns to the forest in Mississippi. Thanks to the recently increasing cost and limited availability of ammunition, these beautiful large tin cans look more attractive every day.

Shooting Training

BB guns are low-powered but inexpensive and perfect for learning the basics of sniping (grip, vision alignment, trigger control) in the comfort of your own home. Quality modern air rifles are inherently more accurate than most 22LR rimfire rifles. Rimfire shells are inherently impaired due to low quality control and the use of a heeled bullet when firing bulk-grade ammunition. In contrast, cheap bulk pellets and BBs are more aerodynamic and provide consistent performance when combined with a modern air rifle.

Air guns are so popular to educate teens on shooting basics that most of the hunter’s state-taught training courses use one for the mandatory live fire department of the course. Shooting is cheap, precise and limited in range.

Pest control

Especially in the winter months, there are always problems with mice, rats and other small creepy reptiles that are classified as pests. A good pellet rifle, even at 77 caliber, can handle them without much trouble. Some cities in the state have town regulations to launch an air gun at city limits, so make sure you comply with local laws because you feel free otherwise. Comply with your basic firearm safety rules with pellet guns, as they can still deliver firearms, hit windows, and often disturb neighbors. Quality, medium-weight, wad cutter (flat-tip) pellets for such pests and irritating birds will minimize the chance of excessive penetration.

According to state laws, “all blackbird, cowbirds, starling, crows, grackles and English sparrows can be killed while processing such birds or without permission to be destroyed in shade or ornamental trees or agricultural products.”

It is best to remember that Mississippi is home to a series of endangered bats, turtles, and rare snakes, if you are unsure of the exact species in your landscapes, they should be avoided.

Small game

According to the MDFWP regulations, it is legal to hunt all small games (rabbit, squirrel, bobwhite quail, raccoon, possum and bobcat) with air rifles in the regular season by a licensed hunter.

While almost every BB gun or pellet rifle gets pest-sized animals (mice, rats) and pests like sparrows, you will need a high-powered air gun to hit the pellets to go after something bigger.

These hunting-level weapons start at around $ 59 and go up quickly from there. To make sure you have a powerful enough air gun, make sure the FPS (feet per second) rating is 700+ for a.22 caliber or 950+ for a.177 caliber gun. Benjamin Sheridan pump line and Daisy’s cock-action Powerline series may be new for about $ 100. Slightly better rifles like Gamo Big Cat and Crosman Vantage are only $ 30 more expensive but offer much more performance. Raising the scale are Ruger Air Magnums, German-made RWS weapons, Hatsans, Sumatras, and Benjamin Marauders for up to $ 400.

To hunt these tree rats and flop ears, look for quality, medium-weight, domed pellets such as Crosman Premiere Light, RWS Superdome, or JSB Exact. These can be extremely inexpensive, for example, 7.9 Grain Crosman Premier ran around $ 25 for 1250 pellets. Gamo is a new 0.36 grams that can penetrate and continue 1.5mm rolled galvanized steel sheet. It has 198 pellets. A two-body design pellet called “Deadly” with an ultra high ballistic coefficient, greater terminal penetration, a stable flight trajectory, and a polymer skirt. These ball pellets are about $ 20 per 100. With high-end pellets and high-powered air rifle, lethal shots up to 50 meters are possible.

When pursuing bobcats, raccoons and possums, 22 caliber or 25 caliber pellets should be a minimum from high-powered air guns.

In all small games shot with an air gun, it is absolutely necessary to get good, accurate shots in the small 1-2 inch killing zones of your target to make it come down. Rule for living headshots. Practice as much as you can before going to the forest, if you can’t hit the target with a pneumatic rifle at the nickel size every 25 meters.

Annoyed Animals

With the Public Statement, Mississippi State LE6-3779 lists beaver, coyote, fox, nutria, skunk and wild boar as disturbing animals. Therefore, hunting of annoying animals is permitted during daylight hours in special soils without caliber restrictions, including air guns. 77/22 caliber weapons can get polecats smoothly, but if you don’t have a big sounding air rifle, chasing some of the bigger games on this list can be problematic.

While working in some states, which deer and turkey are hunting with large-scale air guns, they are currently outside the board of directors in Mississippi. In 2007, an Alabama man bought two deer, including a 50-caliber air rifle and a 9-point mug containing one 200 pellets. It is probably only a matter of time to take white tails with peers like this, in this case also with air guns.

Just make sure you don’t take your eyes out.