Become a Diving Specialist or Instructor – Why a Trainer Provides Better Financial Meaning?


It is a dream job for many people, lives on an island, on a tropical beach, sexy people work half naked in skimpy swimsuits, and that’s exactly what the scuba diving industry sells in marketing. For many who follow the dream and dive masters, they may be disappointed when they find that the fee and demand are not very good for dive masters, the first level of professional diving. So should you give up the dream?

There are many diving schools that shake dive masters faster than new dive masters can find jobs that pay enough to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. If you want to go to scuba diving dream job, I strongly recommend not to stop at the dive master level, instead I recommend you to become a teaching status scuba diving instructor.

There is an axiom used by shareholders in the diving industry as “never too many leaders or too many trainers”. Scuba Instructors are easier to hire to live a dive center, dive facility or dive boat to lead divers in underwater scuba diving tours, and they can also teach most of the initial dive courses like Discover Scuba. Try diving or snorkeling and open water courses. Depending on the certification agency, they can teach up to the dive master level. This gives its owners a lot of flexibility for timing.

Most dive operations are based on income from diving courses rather than diving tours. The courses also encourage sales of scuba diving equipment, the real profit center of most diving centers, in many cases contributing to 50% of the company’s total profit.

One of the biggest snow engines is the dive master candidates themselves, because they need to have all their own scuba equipment to work as a dive master. The gear needed, BCD, regulators, wetsuit, mask and fins, timing device, preferably a dive computer, surface warning devices usually include a whistle and a surface marker and a knife or scissors for possible line deviations underwater. They will probably want to have a strong dive light for night dives and a bag to hold all diving equipment.

A rough estimate for a dive package that includes all the diving equipment needed to become a dive master will run around $ 2000 today, you can do it for less money with used equipment, but you can spend a lot more. A fancy computer can run $ 1500 USD, the best of the $ 1000 line regulator package is a technology rec BCD with all the $ 1000 options, I think you understand.

So let’s do fuzzy math here, let’s say a dive master is a trainer that costs $ 2000 more. An instructor will make a range of 20 to 25% to teach most diving courses, so you will only have to teach 25 to 30 students to pay for being an instructor to compensate for the extra money. Working in the diving industry for a year should be ample enough to be extra costly to become a scuba instructor and increase your chances of finding a job that will fulfill your dreams.