Five Different Attributes of Use


In the last article we discussed some of the good things that lead to good communication, but what about recognizing our habits that lead to good communication … bad?
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Investigating both sides of the coin is beneficial in trying to be a good fit. Of course, we can look at incorporating ideas that help us change our language, but it is also important to recognize some of the negative attitudes that we may be using unknowingly.

Research shows that people who show some of the following traits can be seen by many as not working in their communication.

· They connect with each other from bullying, insults, threats and outbursts.

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I see this as a result of “Yosemite Sam”. These people have limited limits to being able to tolerate anything outside of their cognitive sector and fail to control their emotions. Anger simply prevents further communication. They make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and put them in a frustrating place before they get in. As the old saying goes, “if you can handle all your worries it will be all right, but when your heart begins to control you … Be careful.” They come to the forefront of a strong belief that they somehow view bullying as a tool of encouragement or a way to excuse themselves from being held accountable for their actions. This behavior makes the recipients “look.” Most people shut down at times like this and the connection ends before it starts.
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· They fail to listen.

This is a big deal and unfortunately a big problem for many people. Again, I rely on the old saying “we were given two ears, two eyes, and one mouth for reasons.” Listening to others, however, can be a daunting task. The word “deep” is very broad, but obedient listen the other person is direct. For example, you can hear someone talking while you type on your computer, but I’m sure the caller can’t hear “hear.” Listening does not just mean hearing your ears. To listen a good communicator uses body language, eyes, face, and sometimes, even words at the end to convey comprehension.
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· He has a tendency to confuse.

Interference is another major factor that promotes good communication, yet what I see most people do is not even aware of it. I have seen conversations that a person has repeatedly interrupted on all conversations, yet when I followed up with the same person afterwards they did not know their frustrations and were sometimes surprised by my answers. This is a good example of the “instability” I refer to. As human beings, we have other ways of living in the world. We establish the cultures, beliefs and attitudes that are embedded in our personality so that they become habitual and are found outside our realm of active awareness … thus creating our own “instability”.
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Even if we think we can do a lot of different things, we can’t always be connected. When we go to a place where we can give an answer or when we are compelled by our desire to put our thoughts in the middle of someone else’s conversation, we no longer listen. Disruption wields a sharp sword as it not only hinders our listening, but also separates us from others by making them feel misunderstood, disrespected, demeaned, demeaned and the list goes on.
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· They find fault with what others bring to the discussion more often than not.

Communication is a wonderful skill. It’s a lot harder than most of us realize or even stop standing. I believe this is because it is what we all do on a daily basis in a certain way, because of the habit, it is more likely to have a problem over time. Thus they enter … find fault. As well as some miscommunication skills, frequent finding of faults is evident in deliberate or unintentional discussions.
For the discussion to be meaningful, all present and all involved must feel respected. He also needs to have confidence. If most of the time, you find errors in the description, you should go back to the analog images and see what you want. Continuing to find fault only fuels the emotional fire and destroys the ability to obtain the essentials for strong communication such as skill, preparation, vision, or problem-solving just to name a few.
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· They are considered inaccessible by others.

Let’s face it, people like to connect. We are existent and establishing connections is one part of what we write. When you read Daniel Siegel’s book, he points out the importance of coherence in many of his books. Years ago I went to a meeting with Dan Siegel.
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One of the things he said that I never forgot, he said, “relationships are what make us human.” Therefore, if you have received feedback that you are acting in a way that communicates to others that you cannot accomplish, stop and think. If you are considered unreachable, the barriers go up and you destroy the experiment before it gets to the start.
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It’s all up to you, make the decision to live your life with design, not change! Look back at your future and redesign the Stellar Success Plan!
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