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What is anger? It is defined as a mental illness characterized by intense excitement, excitement, deception and more. In investing, this means that financial decisions driven by fear and greed without being pressured by analysis, speculation or risk analysis are the consequences of rewards. Mania is often accompanied by the development of a marketing strategy, but sometimes it sometimes runs out.

In the late 90’s boom and today’s cryptocurrency boom are two examples of how mania works in real time. These two events will be discussed in each section of this article.


The first stage of happiness begins with a positive thought. The concept is not known to most people here, but the potential for profit is enormous. This is often interpreted as an infinite benefit, because “something like this has never happened before”. The Internet was one of those things. People who used the paper at the time were skeptical as to “how can the internet replace this popular method?” The backbone of the idea is starting to build. These translated into modems, servers, applications and web pages need to be considered in order to be functional. The money generated by the idea starts slowly and is made by “knowledgeable” people. As such, they can be both observers and participants.

In the world of cryptocurrency, the same question is being asked: How can a piece of crypto code replace our systems, alliances and payment methods?


The first pages were useless, short, slow and boring. The skeptics can see the “information superhighway” that viewers were furious at and say “how useful can this be?” What is forgotten here is that the mind starts to get worse, and then changes for the better and for the better. This is sometimes due to good technology, cheap and affordable prices, efficient use of the items in question, or more information about marketing including major advertising. On the financial side, the participants are starting, but there is no excitement and celestial return here. In some cases, the money back is good, but not enough to get people to join us. This is similar to the recent internet connection of the 1990s, broken web pages or information was not accurate on search engines. In the world of cryptocurrency, it is evidenced by the high cost of mining over pay, overtime and theft or theft of accounts.


Word is starting to come out that this internet and “.com” is a whole new thing. Sales and visuals are under construction, but due to the large amount involved, the cost and time spent can be huge before anyone uses them. The retail segment of the equation is beginning to move forward with business growth as markets reduce the potential of the business and the value of the investment. Excitement is beginning to take place, but among the first to receive. This is happening in the world of cryptocurrency with the explosion of new “altcoins”, as well as the major journalists the site is finding.

The Euphoria

This section is overseen by the unique feedback and capabilities that the internet offers. There aren’t a lot of ideas given on setting or problems because “the rewards are great and I don’t want to miss it”. The words “vanity” and “mania” have become synonymous with greed. The worst risks are negligence and they are ignored. The symptoms of mania are: Any company with a very name, analysis is placed on the screen instead of Optics, financial information is less visible among new entrants, expect a return of 10 or 100 Common and minority he knows how the business works or doesn’t work. This has happened in the world of cryptocurrency with the return of stellar ones at the end of 2017 and corporate events come out hundreds of times using the “blockchain” in their name. There is also a “refund offer” in which bullet companies that have been listed exchanges but soon their names have been changed into something related to the blockchain, and shares are suddenly sold.

Accident and Burning

The marketing of this new business is changing, but not as fast as the changes are. Eventually, a change of mindset is observed and a major sale begins. The volatility is high, and many “weak hands” are eliminated in the market. Unexpectedly, the analysis is also used to confirm that these companies are not profitable or “excessive”. Fear spreads and trees quickly fall. Companies that have no money and who are surviving due to hype and hope for the future have been removed. Fraudulent and fraudulent activities that increase greed are exposed, which creates a lot of fear and sells stocks. Businesses that have the money only keep the money quietly on new items, but the volume of items is reduced because the new one is a “bad word” only when the profit is shown satisfactorily. This is happening in the cryptocurrency world with the introduction of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Some of the extra money is being wasted by speculation.


Currently, financial institutions have a history of losses and negative experiences. In the meantime, good ideas are coming in handy and for the businesses that use them, it’s a big deal. It begins to be established in everyday life. The sales are becoming more and more consistent and viewers say the “big deal” is true. The average user sees a change in sales and it starts to get established. Businesses that had real profits take part in the risk and burnout, but if they have the money to survive, they move on to the next step. This has not happened in the cryptocurrency world since then. The only ones who are expected to survive are those who have a successful business and support from companies – but it remains to be seen what companies and investments will be like this.

Next Wave – Business Runs Up Hype

During this period, the new business is the standard and the benefits are visible. Business debt has now come to terms with profits and scales rather than an idea. The second stream of sales is emerging starting with these survivors and continuing on to another original celebration. The next phase was marked by TV companies, search engines and online shopping all of which are based on the original content – the internet.


Manias performs a similar function over time. Once a person is aware of his or her shares and opinions on everything, it becomes easier to understand what is going on and business decisions become clearer.