Problems with CoronaVirus Bankirapuse (CoVid-19) – What You Should Know


To say that the CoronaVirus epidemic (CoVid-19) has changed everything is an understatement. It is estimated that 1/3 of the businesses and rented facilities did not pay their rent during March or April. This number is expected to rise because the demise of our businesses and individuals continues amid the CoVid-19 risk of serious illness and serious illness, sometimes fatal. Unfortunately, in Ventura County, we have never had the threats that Americans in New York City face. However, in our immediate vicinity, Los Angeles County does not have the same effect we are enjoying in Ventura County.

With increasing financial concerns, and all that is changing week by week, you may be wondering how this will affect you if you sign up for bankruptcy or you are already in bankruptcy. There are law firms out there that help. They are carefully following all the changes as they appear, and they have come to help you deal with bankruptcy in these difficult times. Discuss some of the changes you are living in and answer some of the most important questions.

Are Bankruptcy courts still open?

Yes, however, most court cases will be handled by telephone, not in person. Everything you say will be recorded and recorded as if you were present. If you fail to make yourself available on time, they can be listed and will be labeled ‘no show’ and not by the court.

Can I Still Apply Bankruptcy For Corona Virus Extinction?

Of course, the courts still allow cases and bankruptcy to be recorded during the CoronaVirus crisis. The real difference is just the loss and appearing in the courts sees the new CoronaVirus system.

Will My 343 Bankirapuse Meeting Be Suspended

All 341 (a) upcoming meetings for creditors (scheduled earlier, March 25, 2020, until April 10, 2020) went ahead, especially for confirmation. This order may be added. Everything is liquid right now.

In the case of Chapter 13, the continuation of credit meetings does not allow creditors to start paying to the Trustee within 30 days from the date on which the application is lodged. Borrowers can pay in full online at TFS (dot) com.

Can I Save Your Costs for Covid-19?

Bankruptcy trustees do not need money to cover any economic woes. Money that you can spend for lack of money.

Do I Still Have to Pay Up My Debts While Closing the Virus?

Yes. You still need to keep giving money as you promised. Sometimes a law firm can get relief in court.

If you haven’t filed yet, the law firm can get relief from the creditor in accordance with new laws passed by Congress. Obviously, your mortgage bank should be notified of your financial situation or loss of employment before you can receive any money.

Is My Coming Out Delayed Due To Corona Virus Problem?

Your final termination can be terminated if your 341 meeting is changed or continued until you have notified you further. Learn more and updates from your court or trustee. Many changes can also be sent to you by mail, even after your meeting. It is important that you follow all that you have been taught, there is no valid reason to hear cases, or court dates.

Will My Complete Damage Be Affected By These Changes Thanks To Covid-19?

Unless your bank account is canceled. Otherwise, the same stay will apply only if certain conditions are met, as the borrower asks for help to stay behind. Credits that issue multiple bankruptcy cases in a short period of time may be rejected as a last resort and you will not be allowed to use CoronaVirus as an excuse.

Do I Have to Contact My Customers During Corona’s Troubles?

The court will give notice to the debtor in accordance with the law, so you should not contact the creditors.

Need Help When You Are Damaged In The Middle Of The CoronaVirus?

Law firms are there to help you with these problems. Bankruptcy can seem daunting and challenging especially with all the changes that are taking place and the uncertainties, but they can also help you figure out how to complete your bankruptcy. Let them know how they can help you.