Hotels Las Vegas Strip

Hotels in Las Vegas – is the most popular housing, when people plan a trip to Sin City. There are many great places to choose from, which can increase your experience trip to Vegas. Las Vegas strip is approximately 4.2 miles, which stretches along the South Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada. Most of the band […]

The best things in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas and Vegas, as it is called – is a world-famous resort town, famous 24 hours of frenzied lifestyle, entertainment and nightlife. The city serves as the leading financial, commercial and cultural center of Nevada. If you are visiting Las Vegas, here's the top 10 things you need to do. A wine cellar and […]

Ten Common Mistakes of Las Vegas, NV visitors

"We will never do it again!". Both experienced and novice visitors of Las Vegas are wrong before and during their trips simply by humanity. English poet Alexander Pope coined the phrase, "To err is human. To forgive is divine." Planning and implementation of a pleasant stay in Las Vegas – it's really studied art and […]

What makes a beautiful hotel?

Select hotel for a business trip or holiday – a big deal. You want the best location you can get, and no one wants to stay in a dirty, painted the place where you will not be safe even sit on the bed, let alone get into it. But how do you know which hotel […]

Harvey Resort Casino in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, especially in Nevada, has a really interesting architecture. He's trying to recreate the Las Vegas experience for half a mile. High tower hotel, the bright lights, glitz and players. Harvey Resort Casino is located on the border with California, so many people run across a quaint part of California (just across the […]

Info Coin

Samsung SDS, a partial owner of IT solutions maker South Korea Tech Corporation, expects a medical claims processing system this month. According to a report by CoinDesk Korea on Wednesday, Samsung SDS Vice President Yun Shim said at the 2019 Blockchain Seoul event that the firm has been piloting the system since August this year. […]

The hotel – a hotel, right?

I recently traveled to another country. And there is not an English-language and not what I had never worked, that's another topic for another article. I went to England for the first time there, stayed in a hotel rather than with relatives and friends. This hotel was in a big city, near the railway station […]

Stockholm, "Nordens Venedig"

Stockholm, also known as "Nordens Venedig", which means North Venice, & # 39 is the capital and largest city of Sweden. Stockholm is located in the eastern part of the country on the Baltic Sea. In 1634, Stockholm was officially recognized as the capital of Sweden. Sweden – the world famous Nobel Prize, and in […]

Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada – a place where you want to spend the time of your life. Offering a mixture of partying going on all night, the possibility of gambling on every street, as well as traditional non-traditional marriage, the value of the desert can not stop. If you want to visit Vegas, always raises the […]