Why do people travel?

Can you imagine what life without travel? Is that possible? Whatever the reason, travel – it's part of life. We are all traveling. The reason for this is up to you.

There are different reasons why people go to:.

1] Most people travel because they want to see their seven & # 39; advertisements and friends who live far away. Invitations from seven & # 39; advertisements and friends rarely, so you decide to go, just to see them.

2.] People travel because they want to see their like-minded people. Some people believe that they have only one person, and if you are lucky in their area a lot, they realized that, despite the fact that there are millions of people around the world, they can find it elsewhere.

3] People are going to look for work because they want to experience how to work from another location. I must admit that it is difficult to make money, and some people decide to work abroad because they are looking for a clean pasture. Another place to pay higher rates than their own place. We can also say that their knowledge will not help yourself. Unfortunately, they will have to briefly leave their seven & # 39; and to get a job abroad.

4.] People travel because they want to learn other cultures. They want to see the difference between their own culture and other cultures. They want to learn the culture of other people, because for them the journey – it's fun, when they learn. In culture especially there is food. They want to know how food is prepared and how it is done. It is obvious that we all love to eat.

5.] People travel as they are writers. They want to give readers the relevant articles for their readers, especially if they make history in this place.

6.] People travel because they want to see all the beautiful landscapes of various countries. Others would like to be photographed, because it serves as a souvenir.

7.] If there is a possibility, it is difficult to decide whether to leave something & # 39; nd and open a business is not in place. Some businesses prefer to work elsewhere because they want to benefit and it is more profitable than to remain in place. Business – it is nothing without profit.

The journey is not only for rich people. Regardless of whether you are poor or the middle class, you can travel as long as it fits your budget. Some travel to their targets, some traveling for pleasure and relaxation, and some travel for the experience.

My traveler – it's Crook and other horror stories

Recently, with the & # 39; I was an article on CNN, where women have listed all the different diseases that she experienced on vacation because of "bad travel agent." A plane ticket, which she bought, not subject to renewal and return. The hotel would not want to upgrade to a better room. Her car had unlimited mileage. She said that the travel agent did all this to earn big commission. And the list goes on …

My first reaction as a traveler is that she had a good right to be angry and upset that her vacation was fantastic. My first reaction was as a travel agent – keep the fortress – and she asked some of those items, when met with travel agents?

We are not mind readers. We look for the best clients to find out likes, dislikes and preferences. However, the customer does not pay a significant role in the process.

To understand how best to use a travel agent, you need to understand how the travel agency.

In the "good old days" travel agents receive commissions from airlines, hotels, car and resorts for travel purchased on behalf of clients. C & # 39; advent of the Internet, these commission checks began to fade. Regular price tickets (excluding hotels and rental cars) are generally not permitted. This means that when a travel agent conducts research at the best price, it (he) will not receive any money for the time and effort spent on your behalf. Reservation of airline tickets alone actually – it's a waste of money for the travel agent. However, many good agents continue to book these flights as a gesture of goodwill in the hope that you will bring them to other travel.

Your budget determines the type of flight and accommodation, that you will receive. If you have an insufficient budget, you most likely will not be able to return / not change the plane tickets and hotel rooms, which have won will not allow you to upgrade. Be sure to discuss options for the budget, the pros and cons associated with the air ticket, hotel and car before making the purchase. Keep in mind that your travel agent is likely to receive a higher commission for the return / modernization of tariffs, so buying tickets that do not come back / do not change, it does not benefit the travel agent.

If you want to use an airline or hotel points to upgrade, make sure you tell your agent in advance. Thus, s (he) will be able to find you the best deal on the upgrade.

Your travel agent can be an invaluable asset when planning your next trip or vacation. You as a consumer have certain obligations to provide information on volunteers, when they are not asked directly.

Questions to ask your agent.

1. You charge any studies or other fees?

2. Will you work with me, if you have any problems?

3. you work with a company that allows me to pay for your vacation?

4. Is there a 24/7 phone number in case of critical problems?

Questions that you should ask your agent

1. What areas are you interested in travel?

2. What is your budget?

3. What types of travel you like – air, cruise, all-inclusive, and so on?

4. Do you have any preferences in the airline seat?

5. The smoking or non-smoking rooms in hotels (if applicable)?

6. What level of service do you expect – budget, 5 star, etc.?

7. Ask about visas and passports for international travel.

Fantastic vacation begins with detailed planning. Thus, gather with your travel agent and start planning your next trip dreams.

Modern hotel and visits to the theater

Hotels were previously only needed a tavern, which provides a place for the night for travelers who passed the night. Today real estate is still visited by hiking trips in need of a bed, but the difference between restaurants and hotels of the past today is enormous. The same goes for theaters that have been used for centuries for the nations & # 39; minds from the difficulties of everyday life. Now, there are theaters that with & # 39 are both famous monuments and works of art, as well as others that are more modern and contemporary. As with other undertakings, hotels and theaters have changed dramatically over the decades; some can only dream of enjoying them.

In the world of dreamy destinations, which can fit into any fantasy; in any of these settings you can find gorgeous place to stay that offers all that wish your heart. There are themed hotels, for example, Quebec Hotel de Glace, Quebec hotel that is made entirely out of ice, and even historic hotels such as the Martello Tower in the UK, which is a & # 39 is the ancient Napoleonic fortification. Outdoors, you can find the theme houses, boats and even lighthouses that have been converted at the hotel. Most of these resort-style taverns were created to give the impression, some of which are luxurious, while others – more about the adventures, and less about filling and shine.

One of the most extravagant and impressive works of art in the world – theaters, some of which – the old, the other – new. When tourists travel, they usually look for these works of art, like to see the performances, and to experience history. La Comeacutedie Franccedilaise, located in Paris, with the & # 39 is one of the more historic and world-famous locals where they like to performances; It is the oldest national theater, created in 1680. The building itself is an exciting hobby and travel guard, if not just to capture the beauty, as well as some photos. National Theater in England, built in the 1960s, with the & # 39 is an excellent example of modern theater, which specializes in the more avant-garde productions, to present itself as a unique and trendy. In the world there are many such buildings are usually one in every big city, although they may not be as impressive as the National Theater. The choice between the modern and the classic depends on the person who has to decide, based on your own preferences and taste. However, for tourists it is worth noting that both worth a visit, as in most cities, there are contemporary and historical options.

When considering a trip to one or more foreign countries need to spend a lot of research, so that visitors do not miss the choice of hotel and theater options that are out there. Do not forget to check out a few websites, directories and be sure to try to find local people to talk to who can talk about the coolest and interesting places. If they can make a hotel made of ice, just imagine the possibilities that you might miss out!

Inspection destination – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, which is often referred to as Europe, South America, with a & # 39 is one of those countries, which attracts you and makes you feel at home among its friendly people, beautiful scenery and relaxing lifestyle.

The country, which I could easily call home, Argentina has captured my heart upon arrival at the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, and anyone who enjoys fine food, excellent wine, music, dancing and socializing, appreciate what it has to offer this grand city.

Buenos Aires combines a hodgepodge of old buildings in colonial style with modern condominiums, and since each baryo city offers something a little bit different, it caters to all tastes. Fine dining in the Puerto Madero, a local football match on the site at the stadium of Boca, watching dance is dance sidewalks in El Caminito, and the search for antiques in San Telmo – just some things that you can fill a day.

Argentina is easily accessible from major airports in Europe and the US, and if you start a trip to Buenos Aires, you can perfectly place the rest of the country. Bus system convenient, reliable and affordable, and you can reach almost any other city in the country with this vibrant center.

20 years ago, Argentina was an expensive place to visit, but with the present rate of international currencies, such as euros, pounds and dollars goes a long way. Meals cheap, beer and wine a lot, and since the hotel is generally cheaper than at home, you can stay longer and see more countries.

As "Peronist" My highlight of Buenos Aires should be the Goat Seedlings. Beautiful building in the city center, you will almost be able to taste the history that surrounds this pink structure, and I guarantee you, if you see it, "if you do not see," sing "do not weep for me Argentina" (thanks to the Madonna for this)!

Food in BS AS is as varied as the people who live there. Breakfast usually consists of hot coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and a basket svezhespechennyh medalunas, sweet pastries in the shape of a croissant. Lunch, at least, as a rule for us is made up of stone baked pizza with fresh mozzarella and pasta, and for dinner it should be Parrylada!

Enough for me to walk on this wonderful city, and if you come the time to learn a few words of Spanish before you arrive, you will have many opportunities to communicate with the locals, and perhaps make new friends Porteno in this cosmopolitan metropolis. Buenos Aires – I Encanto!

Safe ways to carry money in Russia

The combination of the words "Russian mafia" has become outdated. Now Russia is ruled by the oligarchs – those who at the time managed to buy oil, gas, etc. at a cheap price. As you can see, for ordinary tourists without risk, it is a matter of policy. And in general to be in Russia is now no less and no more dangerous than in any other European city.

But, as everywhere, tourists should be aware of some security measures, since they tend to have large sums of money.

1. Cash.

You have to have the cash to pay for a taxi, dinner and overnight. Even if you want to

you will be met and transferred to your hotel, where you have already booked! Because you can be faced with different circumstances, and you should be ready for it.

Caution The new notes, the better! So choose them carefully before you travel. They should not be black and greasy stains and small holes. They should not be worn or slightly torn. Such bills can be exchanged only in the state bank at a lower rate.

Exchange currency exchange offices are large and everywhere. At railway stations, airports and hotels are always less favorable rate. If you can pay the driver exchange, do it and exchanged other money in the city.

2. Credit cards.

It is very convenient to store money on a plastic card. In this case, you will avoid problems with pockets. However, you face the challenge of ensuring the safety of funds in your account: risk increases when you check your account online or use razlichalnymi devices and enter your key code. What should you do to save money?

– Before leaving open a special card for travel. Put to the amount needed for the trip. So you not only save your money basic, but do not exceed the planned budget. :))

– It is better to open a credit card rather than debit. If any payment is made with your card without your knowledge, you will be able to return the money only with your credit card.

– Keep on account of principal amounts of money that have nothing to do with the Internet. Check it out only after the return to your country.

– Always have a contact with the bank. Write them down somewhere, do not rely on the information written on your plastic card. If you lose your plastic card, you will lose all the numbers of the bank of telephones.

By following these simple rules, you can protect yourself from computer & # 39; computer thieves.

3. Sending money.

However, there is another original way of avoiding rassylalnikav, customs and pockets at railway stations. Just send money themselves through some system of money transfers as Western Union. To do this, transfer the money to his name in the city where you plan to travel. You can do some translations that do not carry a large amount of money, but to receive it when necessary. If you are planning to travel to a few cities, you can make the transfer on their behalf in each city. If some of the transferred money will not be used, you can return it after returning to your home country.

4. Travelers Checks.

This method is popular all over the world, but in Russia, few banks use this service. For example, in Kazan, there is only one bank (Ak Bars), which takes the traveler's checks. Therefore, carrying money on travel checks, do not count on them completely, it is better to combine a variety of ways.

Remember that in Russia you can not pay by check or other means, with the exception of rubles and plastic cards. You can pay in dollars or euros to individuals (eg taxi driver), if they agree, but in all official places is prohibited.

Follow these simple rules, preparing for a trip and enjoy the time in Russia!

Getting to Know Las Vegas

Rising like a mirage from the beautiful southern Nevada desert, Las Vegas – it's a brilliant wonderland that promises pleasure to all its visitors. A unique attraction of the city with the & # 39 are the hotel with its fantastic architecture, which will restore to cities such as New York and Venice. The basis of these palaces are a casino, where the lure of millions of dollars jackpot attracts nearly 37 million visitors annually.

Akkupiravanae people Puebla to about 1150 BC, the Las Vegas area has been the home of several Indian tribes, including the drink until the Mexican traders arrived in the early 19th century. Mormons pioneers built a fortress in 1855, setting the beginning of settlement in the area, which gradually developed.

Officially founded in 1905, Las Vegas city expanded in the 1930s, the building of Hoover platinum over the Colorado River, about 30 miles (45 km), and the legalization of gambling here in 1931. The influx of money from the builders were burned, and electricity and water are provided by platinum, paved the way for the growth of the casino, which took place in the 1940s and 1950s.

Since the 1990s, the city was built by the number of increasingly extravagant resorts, including the impressive Belazho, Venetian and Aladdin, and this extension does not indicate signs of slowing down.

For those who can break away from the city, the surrounding country has much to offer. Lake Mead and the stunning rock formations of the Valley of the fiery state park provide a range of pleasures in the open air, from horse riding to water sports.

Today, Las Vegas – a city which is the fastest growing in the United States, more than 1,000 people displaced by the week.

Tourism and games remain the most successful sector of the city – it has 18 of the 20 largest hotels in the world – but he is also known for its wedding chapel, and high-quality entertainment.

Beware, dear solo travelers

There gazilonnyya travel companies are now floating on the World Wide Web. Most travelers want to avoid as much as possible low price and go directly to "robeperosity.com", before they even narrow your dreamy place to do! This can lead to disaster, or at least waste of time and money on a place that will spoil you. For example, a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You do not understand, but you local tour operators Google. More than 1200 of & # 39 are. You choose "As for budget travel", as they are inexpensive, and you send them a deposit PayPal. Five months later, no one will pick you up at the airport upon arrival. Kathmandu outside attacks your feelings, but you manage to welcome a taxi to the 2-star hotel, which is bordered by a youth hostel. No breakfast, bad bed. Your guides are good with thick accents. You get daily tours South instead of full days, as promised in the vans without AC. At every known site, the manual says: "Who needs money for entrance fees." And the story goes on and on for 8 long days of frustration when you see how other groups of tourists gladly come out of the luxury automobile coaches and sent to the front line for the best positions.

A gentle reminder dear lover of travel – First of all make research data about the tour operators! Select one of the proven reliability and experience. How? Carefully read their company profile. This is the company that manages the owner or it is presented through a travel agent, who does not want the costs and responsibility to be in charge? This cheesy site template blocks to cut and paste into the contact details, like something designed by a teenager? Be especially careful when, instead of real people who have actually traveled with the company, were inserted pictures.

Ask how long the tour operator has been in business. Year or less, I run. Or they are licensed and fully abligavany? Do they have the IATA license and other credentials? Any reports to the Bureau on improving the business – it's a big red flag. Find reviews on Google. If the case of an emergency, whether the company has insurance to protect you? Understand that countless tour operators go out of business each year. What is your protection, if you paid for the trip in full & # 39; volume and closed the shop for a week prior to departure?

Consider a company that has successfully sent the group around the world for a long time. Look for repeated travelers. Check out their website to experience the passion and integrity arising from their information. See what they're using Non-Stock Photos, depicting real people in their journeys. Take a look at the hundreds of happy reviews, every honest and reliable. Invest time in research on who you book. Find a company that will provide what we promise. In the end, it's your investment in an exciting adventure, to ensure you have eternal memories.

Home, keep these tips in mind when going abroad

Regardless of the traveler man or a woman, it is vital to take precautions while traveling. Women travelers in particular need to be careful when traveling alone around the world. However, unlike many other countries, traveling to America is much safer compared. Precautionary measures will help a lot, especially if you are a woman.

The main thing to consider is understanding the culture. Culture, where you are guided, can be very different, so it is vital to know about the place to which you are traveling. Trying to follow the values ​​of the country during the visit will help a lot. Be insurgents can lead you into trouble. It is therefore vitally important to never notice. Try to communicate with the local people with an open mind and mix them with an open mind.

Be prepared to be passionately out & # 39; it. Each state in which you are traveling may have different climatic conditions. The southern states are usually hot and humid, and the north – cold. You may need to be prepared to experience the snow and wear different kinds of clothes. Consider these conditions out & # 39; I'm in the planning package. It would be better to bring along anything that requires, and to find out what you are missing. Think about the places you visit, get out conditions & # 39; I, and then get ready for the clothes.

Hope for the card – a good idea, but make sure you have other methods. Most of the tourist places are huge, and the presence of only one source of travel can leave you stranded. The distance you will travel, will be really great. Ask the locals and improve their knowledge at a distance, to which you have to drive on a daily basis. Get ready, depending on the distance you will be traveling. Roads often neglected, and on the way you will not find a lot of fast food, when you decide to travel by road. That's why you'll have to stock up on food, water, and gas. It would be best not to go to these routes.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you perform regular safety tips. Keep your money with him and never break out of their presence. Using a lot of jewelry can lead you to trouble with the robbers. You can save to do so in the future. Never talk to strangers regardless of the circumstances. Keep emergency number in memory and use it if necessary.

Boutique hotels – much more than just accommodation

The main and most prominent difference between a boutique hotel and a modern five-star hotel – it is a feeling of getting a very personal attention in boutique hotels. Boutique Hotel staff takes a deep interest in, to make your stay more and more pleasant. They are also accustomed to pay special attention to its guests. It is often said that if you want to live like an emperor, stay at the boutique. Normally it is seen that the location of these hotels butsikavyh so close to the hot tourist points of the city, and it is very convenient to visit these sites and return to the hotel if they wish. In these butsikavyh hotels have one goal – namely, to make your visit a treasured.

As mentioned earlier, the staff of boutique hotels is deeply interested in your presence. They are readily available to learn about outdoor classes in the area, sights to see, and the sights of the city, town or state. On this basis, we can guess that if someone stay at the boutique, he not only enjoys the generous and very imperial residence, but also gets the assurance that he would not miss any of the sights of a particular place.

No big stories at the beginning of the butsikavyh hotels. The first two butsikavyya hotels in the world – Bleyks hotel in the south of Kensington, London, and Bedford in the Union Square. These are two self-appointed boutique hotels that were opened in 1981, while the Morgan Hotel on Murray Hill in New York is the first boutique hotel, which has received official recognition. This hotel was the owner of Mr. Schrager It was created in 1984. Since then, countless butsikavyh hotels were opened all over the world.

Definitions butsikavaga hotel is no accurate, but most experts in the field say that a boutique hotel should have an inimitable style, especially in its architecture and design. Say, a boutique hotel should be higher standardization. Its subscribers are required to give its customers, and this definition is setting the standard for this hotel.

hotel size also plays an important role in determining the description butsikavaga hotel. Hotel with over 150 rooms, the hotel can not be called butsikavym, because in this situation, the guests are starting to get the experience they receive in ordinary hotels. This experience is never worth around experience, which can be obtained in the boutique.

Although every effort is made to make two butsikavyh hotel quite different, but they share common characteristics. These characteristics – their location, quality of products, the popularity of the market and its approach. If all of these high-end factors, be sure that the boutique pick up a great success.

Thus, in the end, we can say that in the current scenario, when no one will fluctuate with the waste of money for the best boutique hotel – this is the perfect answer to all your accommodation needs during the holidays. Undoubtedly, wisely chosen a boutique hotel, its comfort and service will make you to repeat your trip every year.

Travel Tips for the deaf and dumb

Properly planned trip can go wrong at any time due to improper communication. Although the problems with travel can easily occur, even if the traveler assumes that he has taken care of every aspect of the trip, these problems can become more of a problem for those who have the inherent communication problems due to speech disorders and / or hearing. However, do not let the terrible journey to tell deaf and dumb people who scare you.

You can plan a vacation in a dream on their own or with your family and loved ones, just zaplanavavshy several months in advance and vlichyvshy some important pointers. Most advice on travel for the deaf and dumb, presented in this article – just common sense. First you need to decide on a destination. You can go to any place that you want to visit and enjoy unforgettable holidays, as long as you plan well.

hotel selection

Once you have chosen a place to travel, you need to place in the hotel. This requires a good homework. You need to find the main hotel with disabilities at the place of his visit and check the list of & # 39 facilities and services they offer, for physically dangerous. According to the law the Americans with Disabilities ( ADA), which was adopted in 1990, the hotel's accessibility should include a number of & # 39 Objects dull and muted guests. here comes visual warning device to different rooms in the hotel, such as telephones, alarm and fire signals.

Because hearing loss – an invisible disability, you need to talk about it, so they know about the same. You need to do the same thing, book a hotel room. You have to write a hotel manager, zapalohavshy his or disability and asking you to provide detailed information about the available special equipment, such as TDD devices and televisions with closed captions in the room.

It is strongly recommended to choose the room on the first floor, in the event of an emergency you can get out quickly. In addition to this, you have to ask the manager about the time of registration and check-out at the time of the reservation and ask the manager to send you a confirmed booking code on your email id. In addition to this, you can ask the manager about any special assistance that you might need during your stay at the hotel.

Airline tickets and travel arrangements

It is extremely important that you report the person for flight reservations about hearing loss when booking tickets. So he can arrange for a person who knows sign language, if these services are needed at any time during a security check or boarding the flight. Most major airlines offer TDD service that enables deaf and strangled passengers to communicate with others via text message that they are gaining on the keyboard. Keep in mind these tips when planning a vacation.