How much is a trip around the world for 6 months?

During the entire 6 months I have been working around the clock to 50-60 hours a week at two different jobs. First, I worked long hours as a "chicken" by asking people to pointless questions about your weekend, while I pack them separately from cleaning vegetables or corrected them "unexpected item in the packing area" on the self-service machines. My second job was found in Gamtry in the call center, where I spent the whole day on the phone to parents urging them to order a consultation so that our sellers can give children a "free estimate" and, basically, to sell them software for online tutors .

Yes, yes, it was not very glamorous, but I did what I had to do to save enough money.

I'm going to break it up into different categories, which I spent my money. In the six months I spent most of the time in Europe, but also visited the UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Before leaving, I booked 4 different tours. Excursions better if you do not want to organize their own personal and still spend time with no worries. I traveled with both Kontsiki and with Topdekam and definitely prefer Kantyki. The company looked much more professional, although I still had the most amazing time, both on my tours of Topdeck.

European contrasts Contiki: 4341 dollar for a 29-day budget tour of Europe. This is the first that I booked, so got a discount for early payment.

The next three I booked through a travel agent and again received a discount when booking multiple trips

Kontyki Turkish 7 days Vetraz near the Turkish coast

Topdeck Turkey Investigated: 12 days studying the different cities of Turkey, staying in hotels.

Topdeck Egypt Express: 8-day budget tour

These three cost: 2576 dollars

I also booked accommodation for Oktoberfest through a company called PPTravel, because they quickly discharged! It cost $ 280 for 3 nights in a dorm at the vacation spot. This is a much cheaper alternative to boarding schools in this period, as well as a little nicer than camping in tents.

GENERAL tour TOUR: 7017 dollars that were paid before I went


My return flights to London with a 3-day stopover in Dubai and a two-week stop arriving home in Bali cost 2232 dollars at the Royal Brunei. My advice is, if possible, go to the exhibition, which takes place in February each year. I got the best, you can compare all the travel agents and companies in one place.

Domestic flights / bus / ferry / train etc.:

Most of the main transport was zabranavana on the go with the help of applications such as "Sky Scanner", a company dealing with online booking. All ferries in Greece have been booked in the ports, and most trains and buses were booked at the station. To save money, book a night bus, ferry or train. Usually it is the cheapest time to travel, and although it's not the most comfortable sleep, it allows you to save money on accommodation.

Internal transport = 2551 USD


Places where I stayed, varied depending on the country in which I was. For example, in the UK, living is so expensive that the hostel (20-28 beds) were a way to go for the cheapest (not the largest) night's sleep. Get ready to have awoke debashyrskaya England national football team at 8 am! In Greece, it was usually a nice bed, breakfasts or guest houses, except for iOS party iOS, where the three of us fit in a little "shack", as we called it. Euro 5 ($ 8) per night, what do you expect!

In Egypt, as it is very cheap, I and two members stayed in the most luxurious five-star hotel. This is perhaps the most good housing, with which we are faced.

AirBnb – it is also a great alternative and a way to meet the nicest people and get a real taste of life in this country.

I was also lucky enough to have relatives and friends in Greece, in England, so the presence of such bonds to free living – a huge benefit when traveling abroad.

The total price (excluding tours) = one thousand nine hundred seventy-three $


And here come the most important in the cost of food and alcohol. So easy to spend too much money on these two factors, especially if you n & # 39; yanyya or hanged. Try to limit how much you spend each day and choose 2 meals instead of 3. Most hostels do free breakfast, so use them as much as possible, if you can. Furthermore, in Greece for 2 months can live each day for 3 gyros, believe me.

Shopping, souvenirs, public transport, tea are also included in this category. If you know you want to buy a lot, bring more money or use your credit card as I do. At the end of the trip, I put the extra $ 2,300 on your credit card, which was mainly in gifts, lingerie Victoria & # 39; s Secret, and you guessed it … more food and alcohol.

Total: 12900

Total expenditure: $ 24,900

Now it may scare you to death with the desire to travel now, but do not let it! If you do not think you can save money, go for a short time. 3 months or 2 months in Europe is still a lot of time. Also, limit the places where you go. I have visited 21 countries and 5 continents, so the larger towns and cities you visit, the more it will cost you.

If you want to go for a long period of time, give yourself more time to save enough money to be strict in how you spend your money at home. Instead of spending $ 50 on a dress that you will wear once, you can go white water rafting in Austria or drink many liters of beer at the "Oktoberfest".

As I see it, it really is once in a lifetime, so you can spend it and make the most of it. You want to do, see and experience all that you can, and really go back without regret!

Ecological Transport on your vacation

If you are planning a trip and want to get to the most environmentally friendly way, there are ways to do it. And once you get to your destination, you can make sure that every journey you make will also be environmentally friendly. You just need to do a little planning ahead to find the most eco-friendly travel options.

ecological transport

1. Getting there

Planes, trains and automobiles … With their planes – it is the worst thing, but if you fly on an airline that takes measures to reduce carbon emissions by eliminating unnecessary waste and maximize recycling, will be better. South-west – this airline, you might want to think about, which did much to reduce carbon emissions.

When it comes to train, it's really not a bad way to travel, and it's not terrible for the environment. Plus, this is a very colorful way to travel. If you are traveling on the road and ride behind the wheel, then think about renting a hybrid vehicle if you do not.

2. Hotels

Look for hotels use green program. Also check out the hotel's location, make sure that there are a number of public transportation that you can use to get to the place where you want to go. Once in your hotel, tell them that you do not need new towels every day. Turn off the lights when you leave the area, and turn the thermostat up or down if you're not in the room to use less electricity.

3. Travel when you get there

Despite the fact that you have checked your hotel to find out that it has public transport, also think about how to find other ways to travel. Can you walk many places rather than to carry there? How about renting a bicycle in a week and the journey on a bicycle? Finding alternative ways to get to holiday destinations, and then make the most of nature and will really help you to keep clean transportation during the holidays.

4. Leave it cleaner than when you got there

Although it is not a transport, always brings good trash when you see him. This can help to balance carbon emissions, if you have any problems finding the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

We support local efforts in sustainability, making donations or volunteer work for a while, until you get there. Also, buy from local farms, while you are there at the grocery store. You can try local produce. Maybe you need to be careful with what to do if you are outside the country. Contact the hotel to see if you can go to any shops for local products; they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Stay – it is also a great way to reduce carbon emissions by studying the things in your area and in nature. Travel, of course, has its own value for the environment, but if you do decide to & # 39; to go, you can still reduce your carbon emissions when traveling.

Holiday Villa Koh Samui – the best alternative to hotels

With the constant increase in the number of people seeking a good rest at attractive prices in Samui luxury villas for rent, it seems to be an excellent option. The days when you took a vacation through a travel agent, are gradually disappearing. With the Internet in your hands, you can more accurately examine the point of the trip. One of your main concerns may be desired accommodation in this matter.

Villas Koh Samui – a good selection of rental

With the sea change that occurs in the way of selling the distribution, also change the services that offer vacationers. If you are planning holidays in the picturesque Koh Samui, luxury villa rental, of course, it will be the most obvious option. Often it is seen that staying in a hotel can take away your direct contact with the beautiful scenic beauty of the island. With pristine waters, idyllic beaches and constant adventure features such readily available to Koh Samui, you simply can not afford to miss them, ensconced in some high-rise hotels.

Exclusive villa on the beach in Koh Samui – a minimum of five stars. In fact, private villas offer guests even more privacy, authenticity and independence. It is often cheaper than staying in a hotel, and offers visitors the opportunity to interact directly with the locals.

Know more about rent Koh Samui

In Thailand, the boom in the real estate sector due to the presence of a large number of holiday homes and private villas. They can be rented directly from their owners on a weekly or daily basis. You will find that these villas are well equipped with all the amenities. Often they also have support staff for cooking and housekeeping. Guides are also available. Before you start planning a trip, here is a brief review of the facts that must be considered when ordering a holiday home on the Internet:

1. Try to book your villa directly through the site the property to avoid the other fees and commissions.

2. Instead of looking for a house in a villa building, try to find out the individual property. This is because part of the former type of accommodation managed by hotel groups.

3. You can plan your trip in the off season, but you need to book a villa in advance.

4. Do not forget to check whether there is in the room that you are planning to rent, phone number and address

Nice to relax in Samui villas and shoot to stay. This will be a very different experience.

Staying in the B & B Housing

Location bed and breakfast can be a great alternative to staying in a hotel during vacation or traveling in general. Almost any city destination that you have selected in the UK, there is an option of accommodation in B & B, you can choose to enjoy their stay.

Of course, prefer bed and breakfast is that your stay will be more like visiting friends in their home rather than staying in a hotel. Hotels tend to be very formal and often very monotonous. Bed and Breakfast have a homely atmosphere, often because the B & B – this is someone's home. In many cases, the owners of the bed and breakfast also will live in it. They will just have a big house than meets their personal needs, and remove non-travelers who need a place to stay while they are in town. Typically, the bed and breakfast are decorated as if they were someone's house and have to have much more character than your traditional living spaces.

Guesthouse can offer you all the comfort and luxury of staying in some of the most prominent hotels, while maintaining a small and intimate stay in a house as a bed and breakfast atmosphere. Gostsinyya homes often prefer to rest their home, similar to the appearance. Especially if you are going to stay in a particular place for a few weeks, the bed and breakfast can often be much more comfortable than staying in a hotel for which you pay a comparable price.

In the guest house you also have the opportunity to dine at home cooked food. B & B is sometimes known for excellent cooking, which is prepared usually at the request of the owner visitor bed and breakfast, and in some cases, and cook the guest house. Unlike other institutions that prepare for a lot of people, "Breakfast" prepares food only in some cases for you and your companions. Depending on the bed and breakfast you choose the meal time, often you can meet other people who travel and stay in a B & B, and can be a good time for you to sit down and learn. people outside the house where you are now.

Many guesthouses also allow to bring pets with them. If you are traveling with a companion pet, this can often be invaluable. The room and breakfast, since they are located in a house will often have a decent amount of yard space in addition to your home, allowing you to enable some access pets outdoors and exercise and not spend his days in a small time. hotel room.

Breakfast can make a private matter where you stay during the trip. At B & B you will have direct contact with the people who work where you live. As the list of guests at the bed and breakfast is almost always small, you can get more specialized attention to your needs and fewer people to worry about the message in your premises. Often you will be friends with the owners and the owners of your favorite guest house, refer to them in the offseason, while you are at home, and look forward to returning to visit them during other trips to the area.

Copyright 2005 S Wander

Internet distribution of hotel – TRS

TRS | Online Hotel Distribution offers you the most effective and cheapest way to increase your visibility and reservations! Explore the potential of the Global Distribution System, which annually produces 100 million room / day. Take advantage of the increase in the number of clients on the Internet, connecting the hotel to the OTA and the diffusion of the Internet system, which includes today the major online travel agencies and web portals.

global distribution The system (GDS) andInternet distribution systems (IDS) connection

TRS connects you to the 4 greatest GDS world – Saber, Galileo, Amadeus and the World spar. With the Amadeus & # 39; 67 & # 39; 000, the Galileo & # 39; s 43 & # 39; 000, Sabre & # 39; s 50 & # 39; 000 and Worldspan & # 39; s 16 & # 39; 000 travel agencies, your hotel immediately begin book from around the world.

TRS sells rooms in 650 000 travel agents and at 100+ online portals for travel. With a wider exposure to your hotel information and increased visibility you start to sell more rooms without doing anything extra!

  • The distribution of many internet portals for travel, including,,, and more. Click here for a full list.
  • Double the income and corporate kansortsyumnymi agreements.

Continuous, two-way connection

TRS provides a continuous two-way connection to the next generation GDS and IDS:

  1. Continuous communication between our Central Reservation System and GDS falls 7/24 update your hotel information.
  2. Date information increases your hotel's credibility among travel agencies.
  3. Manage inventory and rates in real time easily with a control panel and update the information instantly.

favorable price

TRS – an inexpensive way to distribution and marketing of your rooms.

  1. No entrance fees! No payment for the installation! No annual payments for services!
  2. Pricing on the basis of Commission
  3. List your hotel room at the top of search with the "Preferred Placement" – the latest and certified marketing tool!

Abigail & # 39; s: There are no ghosts!

Many old restaurants and residential buildings in Victoria, and even the Royal Victoria golf courses, they are joined by stories of ghosts. Guests of Abigail often asked to ghost stories, and incredibly suited staff would like to tell them one. Unfortunately, the ghosts did not exist.

Abigail Hotel is situated on the outskirts of Victoria, just minutes from the impact of the Inner Harbor, and is truly one of the best preserved Victorian secrets. Well no more! I release the cat out of the bag! I have lived here for over 20 years and managed countless times, each time wondering what it is. I have been to a number of old old hotel, and all of them were pleasant, but often disappointing. Not so with Abigail & # 39; s.

If you pass by the entrance to the hotel, we immediately notice the manicured English gardens. Passing between the bus home and hotel, both buildings look very similar. At first glance, we could not say that they were built 50 years apart. We parked and then meet with Thomas, super friendly front desk attendant. He directs us to our room and fully informs us about the hotel and services. Breakfast in bed sounds appealing, but we choose breakfast with other guests.

Our room is spacious and decorated with nearly every accessory that we could wish for. This delicious welcoming cookies, the cozy couch in front of fireplace, four beds with posters or a bathroom in marble with a bath with Jacuzzi and shower with rain head? Our room decorated rich country furnishings gusyachymi duvets and cushions, with silk and intricate pads. This luxurious and very comfortable.

Library in the main building – a meeting place and between five and seven hours to prepare snacks, refreshments and free decorations. Soon we meet friendly people from Louisiana, Nevada, Ontario and Alberta. Thomas on hand to take good care of us.

For dinner we make a short walk through the city center, no more than 3 or 4 short blocks. We visit the very popular Noodle House to find out what is noise. Well, not what we expected, but a unique experience and very tasty food! I did not expect that I will spoil my wife with chopsticks and a cardboard box, but nothing is too good for my Queen!

In the morning we board the wonderful gourmet breakfast. Large table contains most of the guests. Arriving late, we sit down at a table for four and was soon joined by a young couple from Oregon. Abigail & # 39; It s designed and operated in such a way that people can easily interact with each other, adding the pleasure of visiting. If you go to privacy, spacious rooms can be your private sanctuary, and you can order you breakfast in bed!

After breakfast, Marion Hansen (CEO) leads us to a tour of the hotel. Each room is unique, but all have the same touches that make Abigail unique. The entire staff, from marketing, management, housekeeping and dining room, a friendly and helpful. It is hard to imagine why anyone would stay anywhere else.

You can tell they are worried, especially when Marion tells us how they invite someone from the neighbors for Christmas dinner. owner's philosophy is certainly well entrenched with all the staff and shown care and attention to detail in the design of the hotel, and in style, as well as services provided to guests.

When we leave, we offer a small gift bag containing two bottles of water, refreshments and guide to other "non-elected". Jobs in tourism makes me really appreciate the businesses that take it suras & # 39; ozna. This business has truly earned its "five stars".

So now it's time to play tourist! Our choice today – visit the art gallery of Victoria. The Art Gallery is located just minutes from Abigail's and is located in a historic mansion in the neighborhood Spencer Rockland. We go there, because there is an exhibition of art of Takao Tanabe, an artist born in Seal bay, British Columbia. Artist from & # 39; is the recipient of several major awards and worldwide. His art provides a unique view of the earth, the sea and the sky, which are manifested in its extensive and beautiful landscape paintings. The grand size of his paintings presents a marvelous vision of Canada and particularly the West Coast.

We continue to explore, going to lunch at the Sidney by the Sea. Since we were in most of the local restaurants, we are looking for a new experience. Others mentioned the restaurant "Dakota" in a volatile club "Victoria", so we check it! From our table we see on the runway, so after lunch a variety of planes taxi nearby.
We've heard that breakfast get rewards and discover that they have all day breakfast is served on weekends. We make our selection and enjoy a very good dinner.

After lunch, we study Sidney and shopping and sightseeing.

On the way home, I reflect on our fabulous stay at Abigail. I am thinking about ghosts, I could compensate to learn. The fact is that they simply do not need a ghost. Abigail sells itself!

Reflections on Abigail: peace, quiet, comfortable, luxurious but not ostentatious, friendly meeting place, charming, romantic, very special. The best accommodation in Victoria!

Bali: Beaches, Spas, nocturnal and Shahrukh Khan

For me, coming to Bali was a fad travelers. Nothing can beat the fatigue of travel better than the friendly, smiling Balinese faces at the Customs and Immigration at the airport in Denpasar and "visa on arrival" is stamped in my passport $ 10 in 15 minutes flat!

I had heard that Bali – an island of temples, dances and ancestral rites; more than 95 percent of the 3 million people practice a form of Hinduism. But nothing prepared me for the concert recital "Gayatri Mantra" my taxi driver, followed by the song "Kuch Kuch Hohhot Hai" in the same breath. I was struck by the Bollywood craze in this Far East city, so I was a taxi driver and the locals that I met, immediately called "the country of Shah Rukh Khan."

Arriving at the airport, most tourists are sent directly to the beach of Kuta area, Sanur, Zhymbarana or Nusa Dua. I chose the corner simply because he, perhaps, with the & # 39 is the center of nightlife along with many shops, boutiques and galleries, what else could I ask for!

Bali offers most of the hotels to suit every budget, from simple and affordable accommodation for visitors to a five star hotel with indulgent spas for those seeking pure luxury. I stopped at the Hard Rock, a few steps from Kuta Beach.

At sunset, Kuta beach comes alive and people want to enjoy the stunning panorama. Saturated with tourists, locals sell colorful sarong and batik and Balinese dance performance somewhere on the endless beach area … and if you want to dance in irregular hours, you will not be disappointed – the publication in the corner of the country, with a wide selection of pubs and discos, offering a living nightlife.

The best way to enjoy Kuta – it is simply to ask the locals who are very friendly always willing to help you. I was lucky that Indonesia had a very successful Indian friend – Kishore-Pryzhani, who along with his wife Radha took me to a night tour of all the chic places angles. The one that left me in a long time the impression was "Ku de" quaint restaurant overlooking the beach. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the night and would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

However, if for rest and relaxation, you go to the southern peninsula, a world-class luxury hotel, situated on the quiet beaches of Sanur and Nusa Dua, as well as in the Gulf of Zhymbaran. (Which is also very popular for a very reasonable sea food) These white sandy beaches dotted with thousands of mangrove and coconut trees and leaned against a coral reef, creating a perfect haven for the young and those who prefer solitude.

To take a break from the noisy hustle and bustle of Kuta, I went to Ubud, which, it must be said, has retained a sense of cozy rustic retreat, despite the growth of the tourism industry. Ubud – the capital of the arts and crafts of Bali, so besides the streets, put up stores and shops specializing in traditional crafts, there are a number of different art galleries and museums.

The next day I went on a cruise on the harbor Benno, who took me to the island of Lembongan, a popular spot for surfers and divers. (Approximately 60 US dollars for a day cruise including lunch, I think it's worth a visit). Arriving on the white sandy beaches of the Bay of Lembongan, you can take a tour of the diving and a cruise on a glass bottom boat or simply stroll among the native Balinese villages

If you want a break from the beach scenario, I suggest a trip to the cool mountains of Kintamani with its green rice fields, elegant Lake Batur, which rests in a huge crater and the impressive volcano Mount Batur, which dominates the landscape. Evenings tend to be colder, so wear a warm sweater or shawl, and make sure you have a camera to capture the breathtaking views of Mount Batur.

Bali – one of the spa capital of the world, where you can get yourself a spa treatment at very reasonable prices. If you want to spoil yourself, then you can try out complex massage menu with glitter, peeling with rice paste, bath with the aroma of flowers and petals for indulgent creams. I would advise you to check every day, some local resorts, which operate spa therapy. And do not forget about traditional drinks from herbs and roots – "Jammu", local Balinese remedy for fatigue, headaches, aching bones and chills.

For adventure and sport, Bali offers a variety of water sports, which pumped the adrenaline, and below and above the water. Surfing, scuba diving, banana boat, scuba diving, paraglider, water-skiing, bungee jumping, Bali offers it all.

Try rafting on the river Ayun among wild rainforest. Drive along the river galloping Laayoune, where it produces a path with many curves and hairpins swirling rapids. full-day program would cost you only about $ 35 and I thought that this experience is thoroughly stimulating.

For those who love the underwater world and always wanted to dive, there are spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving with pristine coral reefs around the island, with the most amazing and colorful underwater life. There are even courses for amateurs qualified professional instructors (you can take a course of the day less than $ 100)

And while you are at the beach, taking advantage of the water sports, enjoy the locals that make you try braiding the hair, to tattoo or even weaken the massage.

If you are traveling with your children, always took them to the "Waterboom" park. My children enjoyed a day of water slides and pools of all sizes with restaurants and eateries on the basis of well-being … a good family fun for kids of all ages!

If you feel that you go out for a meal, there are many open-side cafes open tank, which serves genuine Balinese food, as well as many luxury international cuisine. But for those who are bored of Indian food, I suggest to try the delicious food in the Queen Tandoor in Seminyak, where the owners of Pune and Malhotra Neeta out on the road to pamper you with personal attention.

Another great pastime here – shopping!

For those who do not want to wander too far from the beach, Sanur, Kuta and Ubud have more than enough to calm any customer from a sarong and sandals to wooden statues, stone carvings and iron and bronze. But if you are passionate about shopping, you can buy branded stuff in shopping centers such as Mahatary or also look for factory sales of branded clothing.

You'll find the ability to view open-air market in the south of Bali, where the traditional shopping in the Asian style still thrives. Check local painting style. I suggest that you always go to less than a third the cost of and even to move, until you get the right price. .

And before a & # 39; drive from Bali, do not forget to buy them a cold sauce called Sambal (its this kind, and you can even take it to the duty-free treatment in the Bali airport.)

From locals who tryznuli over Rukhanam Shah, a picturesque Balinese-Hindu culture, this tropical paradise attracts Indians not only for its natural delicacy, but even more important the culture and the warmth of the Balinese people.

If Bali becoming more accessible and affordable to low-cost expansion packages from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and great deals from airlines Garuda Indonesia, which are daily flights connecting the island for only $ 160 per ticket there and back, I would strongly recommend this the island on vacation. as your next travel itinerary!

Copyright (C) Manoah Gursahaney

Lake vacation at Lake Tahoe – North and South and holiday homes Lake Tahoe Guide

The lake and its surroundings, which is commonly called Tahoe, have a height of 6225 feet. Lake Tahoe is twenty-two miles and a width of 12 miles and a coastline that extends more than 71 miles. This beautiful lake shared by two US states, namely California, which covers 42 miles from the shore of Lake Tahoe line, and Nevada, which is 29 miles. Lake Tahoe offers a lot of holiday homes on the northern and on the southern coast, by the way, this is the largest alpine lake in North America, which is famous for its almost translucent waters that are known to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. In fact, when the famous American author Mark Twain, closed his eyes for the first time on the lake during his visit to the area in the late 1860s, he described it as "the most beautiful picture, which represents the whole earth."

A number of unsurpassed beauty

The lake, which was created by volcanic activity, was first discovered by American George. With Fremontam in 1844, but before that the lake and its forest area was the home of an Indian tribe Vasho, who named the lake & # 39; Lake Big Sky & # 39; in honor of the brilliant, blue and transparent waters. It has an average depth of 989 feet, and at the deepest point of the lake reaches a depth of one thousand six hundred forty-five feet. However, the lake is not too conducive to swim, because the water of the lake are often very cold, even in the peak summer months. In addition, he also knew extremely strong and treacherous currents. Another interesting fact that this lake – is that this lake does not flow into the ocean, although it runs almost sixty-three streams, but rather flows into Pyramid Lake, located in the Nevada desert, the river path. Besides the beauty the lake, the area around it is also characterized by a fresh, clean air, lush forests and a lot of tranquility.

Pogozhev outward & # 39; e

The whole area is blessed by a pleasant outside & # 39; e, as a result of which it has now become an extremely popular year round for the Americans. Lake receives an average of 250 to 300 days of sunshine out & # 39; I have throughout the year. In the winter months it usually gets about 300-500 inches of snow, and this allowed him to become one of the main skiing places to ski in the country. In the Lake Tahoe area has many ski resorts, which offer a wealth of activities such as snowboarding, skiing and footwear for snow, snowmobile, sledding and skiing and skiing. During warmer months, people flock to Lake Tahoe to enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as boating and water sports, hiking, tennis, camping, balloons, golf, horseback riding, parasailing, banjo jumping, and more .

getting there

by car

North and South Lake Tahoe are easily accessible by various modes of transport. Lake Tahoe is located on the border between California and Nevada. This popular resort area is located 200 miles east of the California city of San Francisco, while it is 30 miles west of Reno in Nevada. To the North Lake Tahoe, which is known for its ski resorts, can be reached by car on I-80 from San Francisco. South Lake Tahoe, which is populated by numerous hotels, restaurants and casino, located mainly in the state of Nevada and can be reached from Reno using the southern US 395 and then US 50 West.

by air

The nearest commercial airport – international airport Reno Tahoe in Nevada, where they can apply for a 40-minute drive from this popular year round destination. Another major commercial airport that serves this region – Sacramento International Airport in California, which is two hours away. Smaller airports such as Airport South Lake Tahoe airport and truck-Tahoe, allow to obtain additional airline to Lake Tahoe.

by bus

In the winter ski months several bus lines operate at different ski resorts, such as the ski bus Bay Area and Ski NAC.

by train

By Lake Tahoe can be reached by train on the Amtrak California route, which makes a stop in the path.

Towns and villages on the coastline

The coastline of Lake Town, there are several towns and villages, each of which is known by its own character and many attractions. Lake Tahoe is divided into two separate parts of North Lake Tahoe, home to ski resorts and towns like Incline, a village, which is a rich enclave in which they live at home, shops and restaurants with a million dollars. Other cities in North Lake Tahoe include the old railway town Tricks City Tahoe city at ski resorts in the Alpine meadows and valleys Skva where among others were the Winter Olympic Games 1960.

South Lake Tahoe – a large area, which is, in fact, directed to the development of tourism and is largely located in Nevada. This heavy tourist area is home to several casinos under the name "Harrah's", "Harvey", "Mont Bleu" and "Gorzion" that are in the town of Stateline, Nevada. These casinos are known not only as the gambling areas, but also considered the resorts that provide a lot of fun the whole family & # 39; and.

In addition to these towns and villages in the vicinity of the North and South Lake Tahoe also has a number of state parks such as Lake Tahoe State Park, Nevada, which offers several options for reducing the travelers and local residents. Sand Harbor with its sandy beaches – a predominant place in the park. It is located three miles west of the village Incline and has boats and picnic areas. Sand Harbor every July takes the popular Lake Lakes Shakespeare Festival. Other popular places in the park – Memorial point and Hidden Beach, Cave Rock, Lake Spooner, Marshmallow, which covers all the places for picnics, hiking, mountain bike, fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

Some state parks located on the Californian side include Bodie State Historic Park, which is well preserved ghost town and the Donner Memorial Park.


A trip on the historic paddle bike

You can get on the same lake, ride on board historical trohkalotnaga bicycle called MS Dixie II. It Veslova circle has replaced the original MS Dixie in 1994. This bicycle bike sailed from Zephyr Cove. These cruises also offers Tahoe Queen, which sails from Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe.

visit Vikingholm

Summer holiday home in Scandinavian style was built in 1929, worth 500 000 USD. Vikinggolm – a measure of Scandinavian architecture, which was built from local materials. Part of the house, even topped with sod roofs. Excursions in Vikingholm available from mid-June to Labor Day. This attractions, located on the coast of Emerald Bay, you can contact a scenic hike from the State Park Eagle Point, although it can also be reached by car.

Olympic valley

From this point of view out & # 39; I can be accessed by cable car, which runs more than 2,000 vertical feet and transport you to the village, where there are the Olympic Museum, ice rink, swimming pool, spa and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants.

Lake Tahoe – the main place in America, and it has plenty of bars and restaurants that strive to satisfy every taste. Bars and restaurants are found as the North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Some of the popular restaurants that are here include Rosie & CafĂ© Old Post, which are located in California and a & # 39 are supporters of a place for lunch and breakfast. Other benevolent institutions include the Char Pit, a small restaurant located in the town of Kings Beach, which is famous for its hearty burgers and ribs of the child. River Ranch Lodge and restaurant, Le Bistro, Dragonfly, Fiamma – it's still other places to eat that are commitment to both the locals and for the fans who come on holiday to Lake Tahoe.


If you are planning a vacation in Lake Tahoe sometime soon, you'll be glad to know that you have a wide choice of accommodation options that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the usual hotels and resorts to magical houses and cabins and friendly, intelligent and family-friendly. rents. Usually you can find better deals on vacation rentals offered directly from the owners.

Vacation makes economic sense

Vacation rental, which is sometimes called rest homes, in fact, with the & # 39 is a popular choice for accommodation in Lake Tahoe, which is a & # 39 is completely family destination. Rental vacation rental in Lake Tahoe often makes economic sense for the family & # 39; and or a large group that wants to relax together, as it reduces the costs associated with booking individual rooms in hotels.

Several Web sites, as well as the well-known on the & # 39; waking offer holiday rental listings in Lake Tahoe.

What makes the best experience of booking when booking Tahoe Vacation Rental?

One of the latest ways to book a holiday home in the north of South Lake Tahoe and – it's just a book a home on the Internet, similar to book a room at the hotel.

Three of the best hotel in London for a business trip

London – a popular city for business travelers, where there are several major airports, are within easy reach of the city, including Heathrow and Gatwick. Taxi and shuttle service to any of these airports provide easy and very convenient way to get into town.

If you again entertained clients in London and need a beautiful, high-quality business hotel to accommodate them, you will need to consider the location, size and amenities. Here are three of the best London hotels that are suitable for business travelers.


Lanesborough – a luxury hotel located in Naytsbryzh, who & # 39 is a very prestigious area in the city. With 93 rooms, connecting rooms, hotel good size to accommodate larger groups. Designed with an elegant and refined edge, the rooms have all the cons that you might expect. Free Wi-Fi and laptops are provided in every room, and there is even a free butler service. top class restaurant, a fitness center and spa are complementary to all the circumstances, making it an ideal place to meet business travelers.

Langham Hotel, London

With 380 rooms, Langham could be described as a large, typically British institution – the class that stands out without pathos. In its 15 meeting rooms, as well as the opportunity to help, if you need help in planning the event. Business guests of its fitness center, swimming pool and even free cocktails with champagne will be amazed by this choice. It is also an excellent location to your customers or guests can enjoy the shopping in the West End.

The Royal Garden

This lively and attractive hotel has nearly 400 rooms. The hotel is located in the town of Kensington, it is perfectly combined with a bright atmosphere. The rooms are modern and stylish, equipped with TV, docks for iPod, a kettle and a minibar. Guests can use the fitness center, a spa and two excellent restaurants on site. There are also several rooms for seminars and conferences.

How to get there

London – well served the city for business travelers. Most visitors arriving by Eurostar to the center of London's King's Cross or the domestic or international flights to Heathrow or Gatwick. Taxi and bus can be ordered on the Internet and in the Shuttle Direct we provide a reliable service that ensures timely and efficient access to their stay at the accommodation.

Taxi or shuttle service from Heathrow or Gatwick can be booked privately or jointly, to make the journey to the final destination even more win-win.

Guide to Japan

Many foreign tourists can often travel around Japan, because only a few people in Japan can speak in English. However, Japan – a beautiful country, and the Japanese – wonderful people.

Before you buy a ticket in Japan, you should know that Japan – an expensive place to travel. The cost of living is very high. You must be at least 5,000 yen a day for their pocket money. If you do not have a lot of money, use the Japan Rail Pass. This is a very cheap way to travel.

Food – one of the best things in Japan. Japanese cuisine is incredibly delicious. As with Japan & # 39 is an island, seafood with a & # 39 are the most popular food in this country. If you think about Japanese food, you probably think of sushi. Sushi is raw fish and rice.

If possible, it is necessary to visit a Japanese hot bath. This is not what you see in other countries. Hot bath called "Onsen". In some areas, people take a bath together outdoors. This is often known as "bath with open sky."

Housing in Japan is very expensive. In Japan, too many people and not enough apartments. Most Japanese can not afford a house. However, travelers may lageravats in different parts of Japan. Camp area is generally safe and cheap. Hotel Capsule – one of the many cheap camping.