The hotel – a hotel, right?


I recently traveled to another country. And there is not an English-language and not what I had never worked, that's another topic for another article. I went to England for the first time there, stayed in a hotel rather than with relatives and friends. This hotel was in a big city, near the railway station and the main attractions, and beautiful, clean rooms. If we talk, I noticed some differences from the usual residence in North American hotels.

First, the room is really used up all your space. It was a place for everything and everything was in its place. Instead of a headboard for the head they used giant framed works of art that have doubled and as a headboard, and as a visual focal point for the room.

As I walked from one voltage to another, I have brought with me an outlet adapter, but found that I do not need to charge my phone, because I could just use stenavuyu charging station. But here's what struck me as odd, bathroom separated from the main living area of ​​the room only by glass sliding doors. He was not a lock, and even did not reach the wall, so I was always a gap. In North America, we are taught to go to the bathroom, shut the heavy wooden door, lock it, and then deal with our affairs. There is not, and, as noted by one, too, there was no fan and no windows. The toilet also had two versions of wash – I'll leave it to you to find out.

Then there was the nutrition of tissues, or the lack of them. The North American hotels usually have cloth in the room and in the bathroom, and on the wrong side of the pond. If you go there, take with you!

Prettiest difference I found was that every room had an umbrella. In a note on it that says you can use it during your stay, but leave it in the room when you leave. Never seen that in the North American hotel!

It was a beautiful hotel in a beautiful location in the bustling European city. The trip was wonderful, beds were comfortable, and cute little differences. Even the staff were as helpful as they could.


Stockholm, "Nordens Venedig"


Stockholm, also known as "Nordens Venedig", which means North Venice, & # 39 is the capital and largest city of Sweden. Stockholm is located in the eastern part of the country on the Baltic Sea.

In 1634, Stockholm was officially recognized as the capital of Sweden. Sweden – the world famous Nobel Prize, and in Stockholm – Nobel Institute.

Stockholm – economic, transport, administrative and cultural center of Sweden. It is home to the textile, clothing, paper, chemicals, communications equipment, automobiles, rubber, processed food, printed materials, porcelain, alcohol and ship industry. The city also has a large and important port. This is the main residence of the Swedish Stock Exchange.

Stockholm has received nicknames such as "Eken – Oak", "Tokhult – Fat City" and "Foltrartsk – Sisivil".

The main attractions of Stockholm with a & # 39 are Drotninggolmski Palace Gröna Lund amusement park, the Riksdag parliament, Stockholm City Hall, Vasa Museum with the vehicle VAZ, seat of the government of Sweden, Syargelya area of ​​bargaining, plein air. Skansen Museum, Royal Palace, Stockholm Globe Arena, Gamla Stan – the old section of the city, the 155-meter tower Kaknästornet, with a magnificent view, etc.

Stockholm – a great place for tourists. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hotels in Stockholm are known for their comfort and luxury.

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Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada – a place where you want to spend the time of your life. Offering a mixture of partying going on all night, the possibility of gambling on every street, as well as traditional non-traditional marriage, the value of the desert can not stop.

If you want to visit Vegas, always raises the question of where to find the best accommodation on the Strip. Depending on the amount of money you have to spend, you either belong to royalty, or live like a peasant.

Some of the best offers of accommodation have in any of the hotels listed below;

  • Hotel and Casino Bellagio,
  • Luxor Hotel and Casino,
  • Hotel and Casino Mandalay Bay,
  • Hotel and Casino Wynn,
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino,
  • Hotel and Casino Planet Hollywood,
  • Hotel and Casino Hard Rock Café.

And much more. All these hotels and casinos offer some of the best amenities that people may want.

Vegas Strip, stretches for a distance of about 7 km, creating the highest concentration of luxury resorts in the world. Large or small hotels and casinos make up a large part of the urban landscape of Las Vegas, that is not the same as elsewhere in the world.

Vegas Strip – this is a very scenic route to drive at night. Vegas, of course, gets a new look, when all the lights are turned on. You may have noticed that the majority of drivers wandering without a clear purpose in mind, and that is in Las Vegas, with a & # 39 are all part of the experience.

Review of the best hotels that Las Vegas has to offer – it's just a matter of walking up and down the strip search of hotels with rooms. Of course, doing it at 2am means that one should not expect miracles. However, Vegas is the place for all; as there is always a table, where people are betting that you will wake up until the early hours, sometimes even longer.

Las Vegas, NV. hotel known not only in the US but also around the world. No one will look at you strangely if you goes half an hour before sunrise, and no one would question the morality to gather at another night of intense gaming or watching and clubs scene. Las Vegas can be considered as "Sin City" and "Golf adults in the world," or whatever your imagination. Just remember to bring extra money to make your fantasy come true.

Most people visit Las Vegas because they feel that they deserve a change of landscapes and recreation of a typical day. Las Vegas Strip – not a place for living and family education & # 39; and. Instead of the Las Vegas strip you can go beyond time and relax. Nothing beats the feeling of meeting old friends in Las Vegas.

Reservation of stay in an advanced state; Planning a trip can be just as interesting, as there already. Thus, the life of adventure awaits your every thought that awaits.

Casino in Las Vegas – is a thriving industry, and it is interesting to know that, at least at the official level, all is fair. You will need suras & # 39; oznaya support from the public authorities to deal with cases against some of the biggest casinos in the world.

The concept of the casino hotels is very important, as it allows people to exploit both ends. Why hinder travel from one place to another in the night, when you can find accommodation, and the opportunity to play under the same roof. In fact, many of the hotel is actually casinos that have decided to change their sphere of competence. Of course, the best hotels in Vegas are proud to focus exclusively on the hospitality side. Making their guests feel more comfortable as possible, with all that they need, desire, or whatever.

Let it be a quick trip over the weekend in Las Vegas or a family vacation in Las Vegas, make it a memorable trip.


Children and hotels


Some hotels have family. That is, they have a pool, it may be, arcade, playground, things that children can enjoy. Others may not be as children, but all the hotels have other guests who are waiting for your children to behave during their stay.

If you have a child who is involved in sports such as hockey, basketball or football, you know that spend a lot of time in hotels. There are games, there are tournaments and probably the whole team (if not several commands) is located in the same hotel. This makes for many children. That's fine, because you can talk with other parents, children can communicate with their friends and teammates, but should be limited to what the children can do in the hotel and around it.

For example, no other guest did not appreciate a group of children, which runs along the corridors that prevail in the upper part of the lungs. If you do not allow your children to run around the house so, why they do it in the hotel? Another thing that affects other guests, this is something that is not supported by the quiet times. Just because you're away from home does not mean that you can act at any time of the day or night.

Staying in the hotel – it is freedom, parents can visit a restaurant or a bar, and the children go to the pool, but it is also difficult, because children should always be supervised near water, regardless of their age. Even if the parents take turns doing the services in the pool, it's better than no supervision at all. Ideally, children should behave properly in the pool area, which means: no running, no diving to the shallow water and compliance with the rules of the pool. The same applies to gym or fitness center, if the hotel has. This is for all the guests, and if your child has a legitimate reason to be there, in charge of that is great, but to have a bunch of kids who hang out in the gym, irritating other guests, it is not. "

Most of the children and the hotel – it's a great mix, and seven & # 39; and comply with the rules, the children are polite and calm and all is well, when they allow you to work in the area of ​​AIOC to have problems. No one wants to be kicked out of the hotel, so remember to fun for all.


Hotel Goldfield, Nevada, said he is in the other side


After gold was discovered on the nearby mountain of Columbia in 1902, the town of Goldfield, NV, is one of the biggest and brightest mining towns in the west. In 1906 the Minsk city boom mines have extracted gold $ 11 million. A year later, in 1907, the mines brought about $ 10 000.00 per day.

As a result of the earthquake, four-story, 154-room Goldfield Hotel was built on an abandoned gold mine in 1908 for US $ 500 000,00. Being the best accommodation between Denver and San Francisco, the hotel was known as the "Jewel in the desert".

When it opened in 1908, the hotel boasted Otis elevator, which was considered the most modern lift of this kind west of the Mississippi. Crystal chandeliers at the Goldfield Hotel, elegantly decorated in mahogany with red leather upholstery, gold leaf ceilings and gilded columns sapernyya the best hotels in San Francisco.

In an era when few homes and businesses had telephones or carpets, in an extravagant hotel were perfect switches and telephone in every room. Meals were "exquisite European cuisine," which were oysters, quail and squid. Patrons come for dinner garnished in formal wear – black tie and tails and ball gowns

Once the largest city in Nevada, Goldfield was connected with the rest of the United States five railways and mines Goldfield which produced at its peak more than 10 000,00 dollars a day, the city developed from five banks. The Goldfield even had several mayningovyh exchanges and three newspapers. As the city prospered, its leaders considered the possibility of a wheelchair lift, to run through the city center.

But, as the mines dried up, the city lost the character, and once beautiful hotel Goldfield ceased its operation in 1920. During the Second World War, the military seized her and completed a few perfection grill to accommodate the Army and Air Force wives whose husbands were stationed and trained in neighboring remote desert.

At the end of the war Goldfield Hotel was once again abandoned and killed. Then in the 1980s a wealthy new owner began to pour millions of dollars into upgrading the hotel. His dream is to open the former "Stone in the desert" in all its original splendor broke to completion. He had lost everything right on property taxes. Vandals carried most of the newly installed bathroom and light fixtures, as a result of taking everything but the bare walls.

Today in the town of Goldfield is home to less than 300 residents, although still the seat of Esmeralda County, which has less than 1,000 inhabitants, of & # 39 is the most sparsely populated county of Nevada. There is no gas station, no bank or grocery store, and even the newspapers, far from when the city was known as the "Queen of the camps" for him for more than 25 000 inhabitants.

Flournoy Elizabeth Hans

Thanks to the glorious past, the ill-fated hotel remains the most striking symbol of the former glory of Goldfield. But contributions to his ghostly mood – much of the original luxurious wooden drama was destroyed by vandals. All the old fixtures were taken during the years of the modern seekers of gold and sold.

Before the hotel was purchased privately in the auction for the reverse charge in August 2003, the Goldfield Historical Society several times a year, opened the hotel for special "ghost" tours. Bringing the glory of one of the "terrible places on earth" if Fox network filmed an episode of the same Halloween, which was aired in October 2001.

During filming, crew members noticed ghostly stay in the halls. Feeling unsettled, one crewmember from the & # 39; riding and refused to go back. Later orbs (foggy ghostly objects) were seen in several photographs taken inside, including in my own photographs.

Approximately 1910 Room 109 was considered haunted. Legend has it that this room is haunted by a prostitute named Elizabeth, who was pregnant at the time chained to a radiator in the room the original owner George Winfield hotels.

Winfield was so angry when he found out that Elizabeth was pregnant; he denied her freedom to leave. As soon as her baby is born, his torn from the arms and thrown away. Thrown into Mila abandoned gold mine, on which the hotel was built.

With the order of the child Elizabeth Winfield left the young woman to die and cried all day long at the mercy of. Salvation did not come, she was alone and abandoned. Fearing Winfield's authority, hotel employees were afraid to come to the aid of Elizabeth, and the guests could not hear her because of the isolation room and wall thickness.

Psychics who have visited number 109, say Elizabeth or left there, or died. Her spirit is captured in a modest room, which looks onto a brick wall at the side. In recent dark night hears babies crying passersby and nearby residents.

On the ground floor near the stairs of the lobby felt the presence of George Winfield. People who are visiting the hotel periodically detected the smell of cigar smoke and ash, and once the electrical workers found a fresh ash in boxes with fuses, which has not been open for more than 50 years. Ghostbusters on the third floor and found a high mental energy.

Many who enters the room 109, feels cooler than other rooms, and feels the presence in the room. Change the color of age on the wall, where there is a radiator, is an outline of the human form. Cameras are known to work correctly in this room.

Reportedly, the other ghosts were observed in the halls and on the stairs of the lobby. sometimes the door slam and mysterious odors linger. Yasnavtsy who came to inspect the building, say the Goldfield Hotel is among several portals or gateways to the afterlife.

During the annual Esmeralda County auction in August 2003, the Goldfield Hotel was sold for 360 thousand dollars. It said that the new owner plans to renovate the two lower floors of a four-hotel and open them to the public. As of today, the hotel remains empty and boarded up.

Goldfield is a corridor between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, on US Highway 95.


Excellent Features Hotels in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada – it is the biggest and luxurious hotels in the United States. This is also one of the favorite places for concerts, movies and sporting events. It is visited by millions of people around the world.

In the center of the city presented many recreational and entertainment venues. Most hotels in Las Vegas features the most luxurious facilities and services. Internal casino & # 39 are some of the common features of the hotel where many guests enjoy playing until dawn.

Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Stratosphere
Stratosphere Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – tourist attraction in Las Vegas. He also has the world's most exciting attractions, such as the cry of "X" and "Big Shot". Guests can dine in the famous revolutionary restaurant, cocktail lounge, which can accommodate about 360 guests.

The hotel has the highest observation deck in the country. There are fast and modern elevators that will move at a speed of 1,800 feet per minute. On a viewing platform offering spectacular views of the skyscrapers and the entire area of ​​Las Vegas.

In stores The Tower has 50 specialty stores, representing a wide range of products and souvenirs. Large resort pool and seating area also offers a variety of entertainment.

In 2444 the hotel is very spacious rooms and 133 apartments, all equipped with the most modern amenities. Some apartments include a kitchenette, a spa, and other amenities.

Casino at the hotel before visited by thousands and thousands of slot machines, table games, sports books, poker games and other games.

Choose one of the four own restaurants serving delicious dishes: Roxy dinner buffet in the courtyard, Italian Ristorante Italiano, top of the world and cafes Lucky.

In the hotel room:

o Meeting
o Wedding Chapel
o Business Center
o pools
o Fitness center
o High-speed wireless Internet
o Car Rental
o Laundry
o 24 hour security staff

Resort & Casino Mandalay Bay
Resort & Casino Mandalay Bay – one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. This luxury hotel, which has a 39-storey structure and has 3030 rooms that are equipped with modern amenities.

The Mandalay Bay Events Center, occur most anticipated events, including concerts and numerous fights boxing championship, which draw thousands of visitors from around the world, including famous people.

Some of the performances on the stage include "Mama Mia!", Comedy film shown recently in which co-starred Meryl Streep.

Mandalay Bay has facilities for water activities, such as a wave pool, heated pools and a lazy river. The swimming pool area was awarded in "Las Vegas-review" in 2006.

The marine aquarium reef sharks are a lot of marine species. In The House of Blues bar with live music daily.

The hotel is home to many well-known figures. Installed advanced security features to make them stay safe and secure.


Your travel guide to everything Las Vegas – the sights, sounds and hotels in Las Vegas


When people think of a wild vacation, where they want to be where everything is possible, the first place that they think – Las Vegas. Las Vegas is located in Nevada and a & # 39 is the most populous city in Nevada. This entertainment capital of the world. The world-famous Las Vegas strip, which covers 4.2 miles in strange hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, has 19 of the 25 largest hotels in the world. All news seize the breath out of the use of dramatic architecture and smaller versions of famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, accompanied by the brilliance of neon lights and high detsybelnym sound.

In Las Vegas, there are a lot of things, but the most popular of them – gambling. These casinos are not like any other casino in the world. Take for example the casino MGM Grand Hotel. Its overall theme is based on the theme of the old movie studios in Hollywood, and it has 5005 rooms. Inside the hotel there is an amusement park, 16 restaurants, a fast food center and even a shopping mall. It's all what you normally do when you are traveling to foreign places, but this is just one of the many wonderful hotels in Las Vegas, where you can stop as soon as patrapitstse there. Once you enter the casino, where you can find every single game, which you might think. This is truly a place for those who are older than 21 years.

If you want to shop, you can go straight from cleaning hotel and head to the world-famous shopping malls in Vegas. Bonanza gift shop, called "the largest gift shop in the world", is located in the northern part of the band and has 40,000 square feet of retail space. If you are looking for something a little more high-end, there is also The Crystals, which is a & # 39 is a luxury high fashion shopping center, which is located in the city center.

If you want to visit all the hotels, casinos and other attractions in Las Vegas from only one place, you definitely need to go back to the Tower of the stratosphere. This place – what you will find unique to Vegas, because it is the tallest standing observation in the United States. You will not only see all the wonderful sights that brilliantly rise along the strip, you'll also see a suburban part of Las Vegas, which is not what they see everything. If that you are missing, go to the very top of the tower, which is expected to ride on the roller coaster. That's right: a roller coaster.

So, do not hesitate anymore; make a reservation in one of the most amazing hotels in Las Vegas, to begin the journey to the ultimate experience in Vegas.


Whiskey Pete Hotel and Casino – ed, Nevada


Whiskey Pete hotel and casino – one of the three major hotels / casinos in primo, Nevada. Primm – border community of California, forty miles south-west of Las Vegas on of Interstate-15. It soon playing in Nevada for most people in Southern California.

Hotel & Casino Whiskey Pete opened in 1977. It is the theme of mining town of the 1800s, with 777 rooms and two towers of the castle. Whiskey Pete offers luxury rooms, mini-suites and Jacuzzi. All rooms have dryers, ironing boards, available high-speed and wireless Internet access, and in-room movies. Basic rooms usually cost about $ 20 on weekdays and $ 50 on weekends, depending on the season. The hotel is designed for the two stars. The hotel is, as a rule, the most accessible of the three major hotels in omens.

Hotel rooms at about 310 square feet and can ask for either a coral bed or two beds princess. Mini-suites have two private bath with oval cosmic jets and an area of ​​over 600 square feet. Jacuzzi suite has an oversized bathroom and is 725 square feet. The hotel also has more than 36 000 square feet of space for a casino with slot games, keno, table games, books on racing and sport. There are also several dining options, including Steakhouse Silver Spur, salon with entertainment titles and a large outdoor swimming pool with a slide.

Name Whiskey Pete comes from the western region of the primary owner Pete McIntyre. During the 1920s, in addition to his shop, Pete Makintyr also being downloaded. Thus, it became known as "Whiskey Pete" and a & # 39 is a popular figure in the history of Prima. Hotel – the perfect choice for budget-seven & # 39; ads.